In Disgusting News, Some Guys at Cornell Decided to Make a Website that Degrades Women

Do you guys remember that scene at the beginning of The Social Network where  Mark Zuckerberg decides to hack into the Harvard database and get all the photos of female students? He then takes those photos and loads them onto a website where you can choose which one is hotter? He called it Facemash, and it was the beginning of his life as a billionaire. In the film, Zuckerberg is portrayed at a villain and his creation of this website (that he uses to get revenge on his ex) is just the beginning. So you would think that no one would ever copy this idea because of all the negative connotations behind it, right? Wrong!

Some really awesome¬†dudes over at Cornell University took it upon themselves to yank Zuckerberg’s idea and humiliate a whole new set of college girls! Oh goody!

The website is called Cornell Fetch, and it’s sickening, degrading, and makes me want to punch someone. This website focuses specifically on sorority girls. When a female’s photograph shows up on the website, her Greek affiliation is below. So now, not only are the women being ranked by their appearances and how “classy or trashy” they look in a photo, they are being judged by their Greek affiliation.

Sometimes, I really hate the Internet.

Head on over to Jezebel to read the full story and to read what the founders had to say about their site.

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