Cosmic Candy: August 19th – 25th

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries and Aries Rising- Risk takers, adventure seekers and stalkers of joy often hunt pleasure like no others.  Addicted to the rush that follows each conquest, the problem eventually becomes how to get more interested in depth instead of drama.  If and when we seek out partners that are sure to make our heart go pitter-patter because they leave us high and dry, drama is surely what we are in.  If that scenario rings true for you, I only have one question: given your impatient nature, aren’t you bored of that scenario?  However, if you are a ram in a healthy relationship it could be that your partner has an issue or two to work through this week and it’s your job to let them have the full experience.  Be there as a sounding board or a support system, but not as a savior or valiant knight in shining amour.  This relationship tension could also be with a friend or group of friends as the second full moon in a row fulfills itself in your 11th house of community.  This week is full of tension but that is always the key ingredient to having anything come to fruition, so this week could also have you out of drama and into doing, which is always a better use of your energy.  Let everyone have their own experience and focus on yours, and while you are at it I suggest that you try something new, inventive and a little out of the ordinary.  You need something akin to a B12 shot for the soul.

Taurus and Taurus Rising- You may have an unusually hard time keeping your mouth shut this week, like a Pandora’s box you are simply compelled to unleash the inevitable truths that lead us, albeit unwillingly, to growth and meaning.  This unloading could be particularly potent at work-especially if you are feeling pinned into roles with clients, co-workers or your boss. These situations seem to be leaving you feeling a little less than appreciated or understood.  As the myth goes, Pandora unleashes a great many ills on to humanity but the last thing that escaped the from the outcome of her insatiable curiosity was Hope.  Whatever tragedy we are bound to go through in this life, there is some essential and inexplicable hope that is also contained within each devastating experience, all consuming trauma and growth edge that we come up against.  Hope lays at the foundation of what the human experience is, for better and sometimes for worse.  Hope is exactly what you are either representing or experiencing right now as the second full moon in a row blooms in your 11th house of Hopes and Dreams, Friends and Communities.  This upcoming week looks to be one that will test and push us, but in some small or large way it looks as if you are carrying a good sized helping of Pandora’s greatest gift to us.

Gemini and Gemini Rising- For the second month in a row you have a full moon occurring in your 9th house of meaning, making and ultimate truth.  At the same time both Jupiter and Venus are setting off some bigger astrology, the Uranus Pluto Square, in your second house of finances and your fifth house of love affairs, and, more importantly, of play.  Those that can have a great deal of fun in this realm are truly lucky, for enjoyment makes life feel at least like it’s well worth living.  Some of you will experience some friction in your romantic relationships but a few of you may experience this more as a friction in your relationship with pleasure.  How do you have fun at this point in your life?  It looks like it’s a question that is at the very least up for review, and even though you will be experiencing this year with a little or a lot more financial backing than you are used to-this too seems to not fill the void after a certain level of comfort is acquired.  The question to ask yourself now is: Can I enjoy what I have while I have it?

Cancer and Cancer Rising- I know that you love being at home, or in your proverbial shell, but this weeks about to ask you to step out and play a little something called the Game Of Life.  There is a tension brewing and peaking this week that has you pulled or struggling to cover the bases of all the fundamental aspects of your life.  Shifts to your physical home or to your psychological center stir you to reconsider what holds the most meaning for you right now.  Are you afraid of the growing at too speedy a pace?  Are your career hopes and dreams more than you feel able to digest or make sense of? The full moon on Tuesday reminds you of dreams that you have around partnership, be they romantic or business, this moon aims to bring the issue into focus and perhaps to some sort of fruition or ending.  Try not to get too caught up in the details of how to manage everything, because it is actually a little more impossible right now that you may be leading yourself to believe, instead strive to be as balanced as you can.  Give a little to each domain of your life this week and watch what naturally unfolds between you and another.

Leo and Leo Rising- The resistance to saying what you need to say or moving in the direction that you need to move in is actually more painful than the thing itself. Working with resistance is tricky because if we focus on it too much it grows stronger but when we don’t acknowledge it, it has a way of controlling our every action.  The short and sweet of your horoscope this week is to do the thing at hand-it doesn’t have to be perfect and it isn’t the finished product but you do need to be engaged in the process and move in the ways you know you need to move.  This week has an extra dose of discomfort, which can spur us into action in unforeseen ways, and it can also be loaded with challenges and infused with personal reactions, hurt feelings and miscommunications-for you specifically.  It’s important that you get down to having the conversations that have meaning for you and that have you saying what you know your really need to say.  With the second full moon in a row in your 7th house of intimate relationships (and open enemies-the line is always so close, no?) you are sure to run into a relationship dynamic or two that has you up against some juicy morsels to chew on and spit out.

Virgo and Virgo Rising- Just after the second full moon in a row in your sixth house of work, health and service (please tell me you have been eating, sleeping and exercising well while you are taking advantage of certain work opportunities that have been coming your way) the sun and Mercury move into your sign.  Happy Birthday Virgo!  As we have talked about your mantra this year is “People are my greatest resource and not only do I treat them how I wish to be treated, but I see how much value everyone adds to my life.”  Ok, that’s a long mantra but you get the point-folks want to help you right now, so let them!  This isn’t the time to get stuck on character traits that annoy you, this is the time to rise above the petty mental ramblings that you can become so enmeshed in and be able to appreciate everyone. This week is a little feistier than most and if it brings a financial set back or two just hang tight and look for the angel waiting in the wings.  Cash flow may prove to be a little sporadic do your best to believe that Abundance is on your side and try not to approach any financial matter with an attitude of lack-it will only complicate things further.

Libra and Libra Rising- There’s nothing wrong with balance, in fact it’s the thing your sign strives for-but what we often forget is that true balance relies on a specific kind of tension and equal but definitive tension.  The tension this week seems to lay with you mostly, though it could manifest through a partners rebelliousness or inability to “commit”.  However, it could very well be your own rejection of traditional relationship roles, career roles and household formations.  This is your life and like no other time in the history of human beings on earth, we really do get to create our lives the way we want to.  This of course can lead many of us to a very acute state of existential crisis.  What do I want?  What am I supposed to do?  Questions in general lead to a lot of misery, though they are absolutely essential until the point at which they are just plain old paralyzing.  It’s not so much about figuring out what you should be doing, but simply about doing what’s in front of you here and now.  This week is temperamental, testy and tempestuous and you are at the center of the action, so my advice is that you do what is in front of you and do it well-it’s more than likely that all that you do right now will be noticed by many so it may as well be some of your best work.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising- This is one of those times where I’ll give it to you, you probably aren’t being paranoid if you feel like someone is either harboring some resentment or not being fully honest with you about something.  This could very well be work related, and that area of life may appear to be a little less than stable right now, most likely feeding said fear or mistrust.  Because you have the second full moon in a row in your fourth house of home and family you’ll need a little extra time there, and/or it may be feeling better there than usual.  Use any of this down time to replenish and reconnect when you are home, otherwise your astrology looks like a potential recipe for psychic fatigue, meaning that you are a little more open than usual to the information that others are carrying with them.  The other manifestation of this astrology is that it could serve to open you up psychically and/or emotionally though both pressure and shock.  In fact, let’s say that there may be issues that are being held just under the surface and that could be for very good reason-if you bring issues up in the wrong setting or too quickly, you could rupture something that’s to vulnerable to withstand its onslaught.  Work with tenuous relationship dramas wearing kid gloves, respect what’s hidden and let it reveal itself, as it wants to.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising- Right now life is about how to manage all of your different relationships, and your different roles within each relationship which can be exhausting and somewhat confusing if you are the kind of Sag that has a difficult time with boundaries (hint-never met a Sag that didn’t).  Your energy and personality naturally want to extend out to everyone around you and you really do love being the benefactor of those that gather at your party. With the second full moon in a row blooming in your third house of communication there could be more than one interesting and valuable conversation you’ll have this week.  The trick will be discerning which folks to focus on, as you are flooded at the moment with so many avenues for connection.  For those of you that may get a little messy (such a fun state to be in) with friends that could be or once were lovers, this week may demand your clarity.  Just remember that it’s better to get your needs met when everything is clean, there’s plenty of room to get dirty within an agreed upon container.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising- While your financial life should tend more towards blossoming than blundering with the second full moon in a row in your financial sector-there is an ever-increasing tension and possible discrepancy between your private life and public persona.  There is something in you that is unsettled or beyond the point of settling for less than personal, fundamental freedom.  However the fact remains that it’s somehow time to either make a decision or be uncomfortable yet steady in the unknown around issues of work, home, family, relationships and your physical body (and more aptly where to put it).  The good news is that some of this tension breaks by the end of the week-but easy does it until then as it’s a serious tension that feels very personal in nature and has everything to do with the foundations of your life.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising- The feeling that I get when I look at your chart for the next week is one of being perhaps overly confronted with yourself.  You’ve been in the spotlight for the past month thanks to not one, but two full moon’s in a row in your sign and you may be feeling a tad over it at this point-however before your desire to take the focus off of yourself overwhelms you and has you running for the greenroom backstage, I encourage you to sit with the discomfort and get curious about any resistance you may have to being celebrated or celebrating your hard earned accomplishments.  You see, you absolutely should be making yourself visible to the world right now because if you haven’t already heard me say it before-we need you innovative mind to help wake ours up.  You may even find that the giving of said innovative ideas has others feeling like you’ve thrown a wrench into their works, disturbing their sacred slumber.  However I think more often than not this week people will be appreciating the truth you are telling, mostly because it takes the heat off them and you are so good at articulating yourself.

Pisces and Pisces Rising- For most Fishes, the issue usually lies with being unable to see their effect on others. It’s not that you ever mean to do harm-though you are human and that’s a possibility-it’s just that there can be harm done by omission and the thing that could be omitted right now is your truth.  However, I believe that you truly don’t know that you tend to create more chaos and less clarity at times (which can be so alluring and charming to us) because you live inside your own fish bowl-it can get terribly unclear in there.  It’s almost like you tell yourself something and expect the rest of us to magically know-but we don’t.  Some may experience this as you being wishy washy, some may leave utterly confused and some may just be too frustrated to stick around to try and figure you out.  I’m going on and on about this one point for a couple of key reasons; for one thing it’s time for you to get down to some business and that business involves other people, so we need you to get real about what you are putting out to others and how you can come across more effectively.  This astrology is asking you to start solidifying what ever it is that you are trying to build and to bring anything into form, you need others, and in order for you to sell them on your bright idea they need to be able to feel that they can trust you so give them ample reason this week.  Tell us what you want.

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