4 Ways to Keep the Intimacy Alive in a Long Distance Relationship

It’s hard enough to keep the intimacy alive in any relationship, let alone when you’re miles apart. You might not be able to pop over to your significant other’s house for a movie night, or snuggle up together when you want to feel closer, but there are ways to feel intimate when you’re physically separated. Since a lot of you will be saying a temporary goodbye to your significant others at the end of the month as you head back to school, we though we’d make the transition a little easier for you.

Here are our top 4 tips for keeping the intimacy alive in any long distance relationship:

Don’t Miss a Skype Session
If your SO isn’t in front of you, you want to make sure you can still make it happen virtually. Schedule weekly skype sessions to keep the romance alive — words optional. Wink, wink.

Send Each Other Random Sexy Texts
Surprises can be fun, especially when it’s something equally sweet and dirty. Sure sexting can be a good time, but getting an unexpected text that your SO is thinking about you is even better. Try sending a few and see the sparks fly.

Be There
Intimacy is more than just presenting your SO with a hot bod, there’s also an emotional aspect, people! So make sure to be there when they need you. Be the listener they need, the shoulder to cry on (even if it’s over the phone), and keep the conversations you would’ve had face-to-face going.

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts
The term “poor college student” is all too real sometimes, but sending your SO a gift — whether it be something as small as a letter with a photo, or as big as a year’s supply of cheez-its — will make them feel special. Be sweet and get them something that reminds you of them. Not only is it thoughtful, but it shows that even though they’re not in front of you, they’re still on your mind.

What are your tips for keeping the intimacy alive in an LDR? Leave a comment below!

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