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Lady Gaga Caught Cheating The System To Get Youtube Views, Billboard Calls Her Thirst Out


Lady Gaga tweeted out a link in a desperate attempt to get video views to her single ‘Applause.’ Lady Gaga tweeted a Facebook link that allowed fans to basically auto-play the “Applause” video over and over again, for hours, without being at the computer or watching it. Billboard Editoral Director, Bill Werde, was disappointed and irked by Gaga’s manipulative behavior.

If you want to measure an artist’s success, numbers wise, then you count how much they are embraced. If thousands of fans are using a program to generate views, well then those numbers are inauthentic. Especially now that Billboard counts video views when they make their Top Charts lists. In an effort to bring ‘Applause’ to the top of the charts Lady Gaga thought she could cheat the system. Sorry, Gaga, we’re watching you. After Bill Werde called her out she deleted the initial tweet.

Between this, encouraging her fans to buy multiple copies of her single┬áto win a lame contest and increase sales and publicly exploiting her broken friendship with Perez Hilton at such a convenient time, Lady Gaga is desperately trying to get her ever falling single ‘Applause’ to the top of the charts.

I’ll leave you with this GIF that describes Gaga’s recent behavior:

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