Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: Season 4, Episode 11

Only one more episode left until the summer finale! Finally, things be seem to be picking up the pace. Here’s what we learned:

1. Red Coat revealed: If I was any of the PLL I would just stay home rather than going to any of the school socials. Every time there’s a dance, something bad happens to them. I guess team ‘A’ knows these girls can’t refuse a dance, even if it is a hoedown–and really a hoedown? The school seems to have a lot of money to waste on dances with pointless themes. Also, why do they know how to line dance? Don’t they live in Pennsylvania? Not the state I would associate with line dancing. I digress. ¬†Of course, Red Coat showed up at the dance and Emily and Spencer grabbed the coat but not it’s owner who was DUN DUN DUN CeCe! Not really a surprise but a good reveal nonetheless.

2. Two guys court Aria…again: Oh to live in Aria’s world! Finally Jake and Ezra meet in person. We’re supposed to know that Ezra is having a hard time because he has scruff on his face while Jake always looks like a perfect teen dream, which notes his stability. Surprisingly, when the two met there were no snarky exchanges but the two handled it like gown ass men, which I guess they both are since Aria has an aversion to dudes her own age. Jake ain’t no punk though, since he did tell Ezra to step off and leave Aria alone. Jake’s great but I’m starting to think he’s too perfect.

3. Hanna gets paid: And looks sketch as hell in the process…because Hanna’s life is always a series of mysterious circumstances, at the beginning of the show she finds an envelope full of Benjamin’s with a note stating, “Maybe this could help your mother.” Not really A’s style but it did lead to a new sexy guy who looks ways to old be in high school. Meet Travis, a strapping piece of man, who was paid off by A after he towed Wilden’s car out the lake the night of the murder, so that he would not report seeing a blonde running through the woods. His A connection isn’t the best way to start on the show but at least he gave the money to Hanna. If someone is going to replace Caleb after he leaves, I don’t mind looking at him.

4. Chicks before….: You know the saying. Spencer had to learn this the hard way after the other girls confronted her about her shady lady behavior when it comes to Toby. She finally told them that Toby’s mom may have been murdered. But in doing so she may cause ‘A’ to stop “helping” Toby. When Toby found out, he all but broke up with Spencer. BOOOOOO. They belong together. He’s the only one who mellows that chick out.

5. Emily and Paige rekindle their flame: Nothing brings a couple together better than a hoedown. Something about the boots, synchronized dancing and whiny music sets the mood. Whatever works. I just hope these two make it to college together.

Summer season finale next week! Until then!

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