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Anna Kendrick Strips Down for GQ’s September Issue


We’re certainly not in Pitch Perfect territory anymore. Anna Kendrick gets in touch with her sexy side in September’s issue of GQ in promotion of her new, more grown-up film Drinking Buddies. The baby oiled actress dons, well, not much aside from a bustier and a men’s tuxedo jacket, and she’s looking absolutely flawless.

For the record, I caught a showing of the movie and it’s really great. Indie without being obscure or boring or self-important, Anna plays girlfriend to New Girl‘s Jake Johnson (aka Nick Miller). Johnson’s character works at a brewery and has a friendship/flirtation with his coworker/drinking, buddy Olivia Wilde. It’s a recipe for drama and some extremely true to life moments.

And while Anna’s definitely done her fair share of serious movies before (see: Up In The Air), she’s currently most known for her standout performance in the decidedly younger flick, Pitch Perfect, and her subsequent hit song, “Cups”. At the end of the day, though, she’s 28 and if she wants to strip down in a men’s magazine, by all means, live and let live.

Are you a fan of Anna Kendrick’s less kid-friendly photo shoot, or do you wish she’d go back to flipping and tapping those dang cups?

[All images via GQ]