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How to Survive Your First College Party in 11 Easy Steps


Partying is an important part of college culture. Sure, you probably partied in high school, but unless your high school was like Skins, those adolescent parties are nothing compared to the ones at institutions of higher learning. In high school, parties may start at 8 or 9 and begin winding down around 12. A couple of people may have half a handle of alcohol that they snatched from their parents liquor cabinet to pass around, and there may be one kid in the background doing some hardcore drug that everyone else opted out of. That stuff is child’s play.

College is where the real partying begins. Since you are going to be partying for the next four years you probably want to figure out a way to do it without looking like a complete moron. Have no fear. Here are a few simple ways to make it out of your first college party alive.

1. Don’t go on time– In high school if a party started at 9 you were there at 9. In college 9 means 11:30.

2. Eat dinner- If you are planning on drinking, an empty stomach is your worst enemy.

3. Practice drinking- A college party should not be your first experience with alcohol. If you want to drink, ease into it. Have a night where you and a couple of your friends stay in and drink, then you will know your limits when you go out in public.

4. Find the right posse– Picking the right friends to go out with can make or break your night. A good friend doesn’t necessarily equate to a good going out partner.

5. Don’t take drugs from strangers– For obvious reasons.

6. Pay attention to your surroundings- It’s easy to get lost in a crowd, especially at a party. Don’t let the flashing lights and belligerent drunk people cause you to get lost from your friends.

7. Don’t be ThatGirlThatGirl does a lot of things. All of them bad. She drinks too much. She throws up on people. She cries on the dance floor. Do none of those things.

8. Don’t break the seal- Wait as long as possible to use the bathroom after you have been drinking. Once you break the seal, you will be running back and forth to the bathroom all night.

9. Wear something comfortable- Of course you want to look cute at your first party, but comfort is essential. If you can’t walk in your shoes you just look dumb. Not hot. Dumb.

10. Get out of your phoneIf you are going to stare at your phone all night, you might as well do it at home. A party is going on around you. Go out and experience it.

11. Have fun- If you follow none of the other rules, pay attention to this one. If you throw up on yourself, wear uncomfortable shoes and break the seal in the first 30 minutes of going out, but have fun doing it, then you won the night.

[Lead image via Radiokafka/Shutterstock]