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3 Effective Hangover Cures That Have Worked For Me


Hangover cures are essential to my lifestyle since I am a total lightweight. After one glass of wine my lips are numb, after two I lose my shit. Three I may be dead. Now that I am an old lady, two glasses of Prosecco will melt my brain and give me terrible headaches. White wine has this effect on me but it’s so delicious, gluten free and low in carbs so I live with my choices for vanity.

Last night I could feel myself getting hungover as I was on the train home, wide awake and otherwise cognizant. I was not having that shit. As a young lady or gentleman, you should not be having it either. College is about balancing your social and academic life, which becomes super hard when you have a throbbing headache and churning stomach in class. So, let us cure your weekend hangovers, my dears.

1.) Eat something pickled. 

I am not sure why this works but I think the acidity of picked veggies settle the stomach. I learned this after getting wasted on my 22nd birthday then nomming left over picked peppers I had gotten from a birthday dinner before. I went from feeling groggy, sick and puke-y to 100% fine in just a few minutes. I Googled to see if there was something to this and there is:

“It’s more of what pickles have in them: vinegar and salt. When you’re hungover, you’re extremely dehydrated, and the excess amount of sodium in pickles essentially provides a buildup of water in your body — water your body desperately needs. The blast of sodium your body experiences after you consume, say, one shot of pickle juice is an overload of water that was lost while you were having too much fun the night before. It makes you feel better, simply put.”

2.) Water

This is obvious but is easier said than done. There is a tremendous difference in how I feel when I drink two glasses of water before I go to bed and when I don’t. Alcohol is so dehydrating and the lack of water in the body is typically what causes those pounding headaches.

3.) Skip the greasy food and eat a banana or have some coconut water.

Your body loses a ton of potassium when you drink. Instead of going for the greasy diner food that night/morning grab a banana or a carton of coconut water that is rich in potassium. This will get your body started in the recovery process a lot quicker. Then you can go to the diner and get your bacon and eggs platter.

Pro Tips: Avoiding caffeine or drinking a ton of water with your cup of joe is a good idea. Caffeine further dehydrates your body, which is why your midnight mojitos were making you sick in the first place. I am not good at following this tip but when I have it definitely has made all the difference.
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