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North West’s First Photo, SEE THE CUTENESS


North West¬†photos have arrived! The Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spawn, made her television debut just now. Kanye West guest starred on his mother-in-law’s talk show, Kris.¬†Kris Jenner interviewed Kanye West about being a dad, being a douche and being Yeezus, blah, blah, blah let’s see those adorable North West photos! She’s got Yeezy’s cheeks, Kim’s soft skin and the bangs of a GOD.

I took as many photos as possible!

Look at those beautiful, PERFECT, eyebrows!

Look at that deer in the headlights face!

Look at that soft, supple skin!

Look at those perfect bangs and hair that you know is as soft as a cloud. My goodness that is one cute baby!

Us anticipating the moment!

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