Underemployment Is Still Looking Grim For Recent Graduates, You Guys

Underemployment is not looking good for us Millennials. According to Business Insider, “The nearly 19 million 4-year college graduates expected over from 2010 to 2020, according to the NCES, will be disappointed to find only 8.5 million job openings requiring a bachelors degree over the same period, according to the BLS.”

There are only jobs available for less than half of recent graduates in the next seven years. Unfortunately many recent grads are still working jobs that only or don’t require high school diplomas. For more info check out the infographics over at Business Insider. It’s some really fascinating stuff. 26 of the 30 fastest growing jobs don’t even require a college degree. However many of them aren’t exactly high paying jobs but some of them are probably the equivalent of any post-grad starting salary. These jobs include: retail, construction labor, health home aides and office clerks.

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