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Here’s Why Ben Affleck Playing Batman May Not Be the Worst Thing Ever


It was announced yesterday that Ben Affleck is going to be playing Batman in the sequel to Man of Steel, which came out earlier this year. The film, untitled as of now, will hit the box office in the summer of 2015. Affleck is said to co-star in the sequel with Superman actor, Henry Cavill.

When the news hit the Twittersphere, people went absolutely nuts! The Internet imploded with outrage and Matt Damon as Robin jokes. Why was everyone in such a huge tizzy over this news? So what if Affleck was going to play Batman? He played the superhero, Daredevil, and look how that turned out! Oh…wait. Okay, I get it now. I get it.

The Internet had a freakout when they learned the news and proceeded to chastise Warner Brothers for making this decision. But let me just butt in here for a second, and ask the Internet why we’re so upset? He hasn’t even stepped into the Bat Cave yet! Let’s give the guy a chance to get his feet wet before we just hate on him entirely!

So this is the part where I stand up for Ben and tell you all that maybe him being the new Batman won’t be so bad! Check out my reasons why in the gallery below!

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