Recap: The Newsroom Season 2, Episode 7 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

This is the kind of episode from The Newsroom that I always wanted. Every character had a chance to shine (suffice for Jim), one self contained story drove motivations and plot line for the entire episode, all of the melodrama was left out, and it kept you on the edge of your toes. You knew the fallout after Operation Genoa would have been bad, but you never knew exactly HOW bad.

When the episode begins: Don, Neal and Sloane are all back in the room with the ACN litigator. They shine. Absolutely shine. ESPECIALLY Don. Don really stole this episode during his deposition sequence; only ALMOST out-shined by Will later in the episode; it was close. As they are going through the sources for Operation Genoa, each of their personalities are tested, their values challenged, and they all come out slightly scarred but stronger. These are the characters that I got into the show for, and I’m glad that they’re back.

As the episode unfolds and the Operation Genoa special report airs, you can see the team fall apart. It’s riveting. (The epic music was kind of overkill, but you got the drift.) As the fallout begins with the government’s response and everyone starts doubting the story (but getting back to work at the same time), you can literally see the pieces fall apart. While everyone is doing their job being a supportive employee, there’s still news to be reported. Once they are back into the ebb and flow, Charlie makes a trip to Washington & Mac checks the tape.

It’s over. That garage scene with Charlie and his source was one of the most powerful pieces of ‘Fuck You’ I think I’ve seen this side of Breaking Bad since that show started. When Mac checks the tape and you know ACN is cooked, it doesn’t hit as hard because you’ve seen it coming the whole season; it’s effective because you’re worried about EVERYONE. For the first time, you care about the entire team as a whole in a single episode instead of just whatever storyline is being shoved down our throat.

When the eventual retraction happens, you don’t feel any remorse for Jerry Dantana. Especially because the entire reason we’ve been wasting our time in these depositions is because he is the one suing ACN all along! What a fucker. Seriously. It was infuriating. After this episode, how can anyone betray this staff? Jerry Dantana can. That wuss.

Finally, there’s Jane Fonda. She bursts into the room full of power and magic and just everything. She’s on the screen for less than 5 minutes but she literally just rips the episode open and sets up for such an unknown in the next two episodes that I cannot wait for this two week hiatus to be over. The fact that everyone at ACN is trying to quit and they’re about to go to court and Jane Fonda is the HBIC and is just like ‘GET OVER IT:’ I’m way into it.

Frankly, there’s almost no way to really section off recap sections of this episode, because it was all one big clusterfuck. While it seems like those annoying flash forward depositions are finally over with; there’s two episodes left to figure out how this episodes smash to black Jane Fonda ending will actually work out. I loved this episode. I can tell that certain people might hate it and think that it is a little bit pretentious and verbose; but it was everything I’ve always hoped The Newsroom could be. While I know the next two episodes won’t be as good, I can hope. Check out a preview for next week below and let me know what you think of the episode in either the comments or on Twitter.

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