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5 Best and Worst Moments of Last Night’s MTV VMAs


From the moment the MTV VMAs began with an intense and smizing Lady Gaga, I knew we were in for an interesting night. I’m sure no one expected Miley to be on molly or Taylor Swift to be the center of attention, but it happened. For the most part, I spent most of the night going, “what?!” It was a strange mash-up of ’90s throwbacks and newcomers. But mostly I was just “whelmed” by the whole show. It was a weird night to say the least but here were the best and worst moments:


1. Justin Timberlake pulls a Beyonce at the Super Bowl: Justin was amazing last night! He gave the VMAs the best 20 minutes of the night by far. And I appreciated him letting his fellow boy band members grace the stage for all of a minute. But JC can still sing!!

2. Macklemore lets Jennifer Hudson steal the show: In a night full of ‘meh’, I have to say that this performance stood out. Jennifer Hudson killed with her short hair and top crop while making a good statement. 


3. Miley makes us question our adoration for her: Like many others, I have recently jumped on the Miley bandwagon because doesn’t give a finuck and she can twerk like no one’s business. But then this happened…

4. Robin Thicke looks like sexy Beetlejuice: The show didn’t have too many low “lows,” so this suit was one of them. How could a sexy man make himself look like a fool? This suit. And he wore it in this video too! Cheap…


5. Taylor Swift swears and shows us she hates her ex just like us normal girls: Did she or didn’t?!?! Everyone got all up-in-arms about whether or not Taylor Swift said “STFU” while One Direction was on stage presenting last night. To me, it looks like she did which makes me like her even more. But they showed her dancing wayyyy too much last night, which kind of killed it.

Best Reactions to Miley’s “performance”: I will never get tired of looking at these two reactions to Miley’s dancing. NEVER.

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