Comedian Bridget Christie Pokes Fun At Sexism [Lady Bits]

All sexist stereotypes are stupid. But one of the weirdest ones still hanging around is that women aren’t funny. It makes no sense, and there are so many hilarious ladies who disprove it. After all, where would the world be without Tina Fey and Amy Poehler?

This is why it’s especially excellent that at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the prestigious Foster’s Edinburgh comedy prize went to feminist comedian Bridget Christie. Her show, A Bic For Her, got its title from the ridiculous “female friendly” pens. (You might remember Ellen DeGeneres making fun of them, too.) Christie’s show poked fun at everyday sexism, from chauvinist sports commentators to the lack of women in comedy shows.

Christie is only the third woman to win the prize for a solo show. The Foster’s prize is considered to be the biggest honor in British comedy, but because the Edinburgh Fringe is the world’s largest art festival, I think it’s safe to say that Christie can stand with the best comedians from any country. The award also comes with a £10,000 prize. Not so bad.

When she’s not doing standup, Christie is the star of a BBC TV show about feminism, called Bridget Christie Minds the Gap. She is also a mother with two young children.

“Offhand remarks, or a pat on your bum are just the small things that I think connect directly with much bigger issues around the abuse of women, and we need to make those connections,” she told The Independent. “I’m very grateful for the panel [of judges] including me, but we have some way to go. There were loads of women doing really good shows this year and they didn’t get recognized.”

Check out a short preview of Christie’s act below – if only we could see the whole thing here in the US! What do you think?

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