10 Minutes to Train: Equipment-Free Cardio CrossFit Workout [CC’s ShapeU]

Pressed for time? Whether you’re preparing for the big move to campus, concentrating on decorating your new place, or just getting organized for fall classes, this time of year gives busy a whole new meaning. For us college girls, taking a break from all things collegiate to squeeze in a cardio workout session isn’t exactly top priority – at least not when the campus bookstore is giving away freebees and the local bar has its ‘Welcome Back Happy Hour’ specials. So while time is of the essence, a ten minute training session is about as perfect as 50% off textbooks and three dollar sangria.

This 10 Minute CrossFit Workout has some serious benefits for our schedule, wallet, AND our waistline: besides the fact that it only takes ten minutes, it also requires zero equipment! With CrossFit moves, you’ll get a full-body workout that also activates your muscles so your body is burning calories even after working out! You’ll definitely break a sweat and even work off that pre-semester stress with trainer Yumi Lee’s awesome routine.  Need more motivation to try the training session? Yumi Lee is Jessica Alba’s person trainer – I mean, have you seen that beach-bod? I know I’m in!

Check it out here:

What’s better than a routine that gives you a challenging workout that leaves you feeling energized? One you can do with only ten minutes to train! Try out the session and save time for your busy schedule – you won’t regret it!

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