Are You Suffering From Nomophobia? The Fear Of Not Having A Cellphone

Nomophobia is a real thing and it’s not called “no-mo-phone-ia” for some reason. The fear of being detached from your mobile phone is prevalent 54% of the population. According to The Cut, 83% of Milennials, adults 18-29, sleep with their cell phones. That is so unfair, tho. My phone is my alarm. Do people buy separate alarm clocks still? That sounds fancy. Must be nice.

The article also notes that the average person checks their phone 34 times a day. Heeeeeeey, it’s not MY fault that there’s mad stuff on their besides boring texts from my dad, like, “When are you coming to visit?” and “Your voicemail is full.” There’s Twitter, articles to read, Instagram, I can actually write and publish a post to my personal blog from my phone. I am making things happen is that so psychotic that I call my phone McDonald Jergens Esq. and want to marry it?

OK, OK. I will admit the fact that there is a real separation anxiety between people in their phones is problematic. After all, while it does contain a lot of information about our lives, it is just a device. In fact the wonders of technology will allow you to just plug into your tablet or laptop or XBOX 360, you don’t need your cell phone anyway. I know, I’m missing the point but being tethered to technology is just the natural evolution of humanity. It’s what we’ve been posturing toward this whole time, more efficiency, more megabytes more Instagrammed mac and cheese!

Nevertheless, it’s always important to plug out of the moment so that you can enjoy it. There’s so much we forget to see, smell and taste because we’re so busy trying to record the instance so that we can prove to people that it happened. Looking back at my life, I don’t want my memories to be of that time I held my iPhone up in Paris, I want it to be about Paris.

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