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3D Scan Reveals How Bad High Heels F-UP Your Feet


The picture above is a 3D scan of a woman’s foot in high heels. Specialists¬†at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in North London, England, are using new technologies to view the foot and ankle in 3D in hopes of finding treatments for foot and ankle issues.

Yahoo reports, “With the help of the scanner, specialists at the hospital were able to see that wearing a high heeled shoe can force a foot into an unnatural shape, which can cause pain and long-term damage after frequent use of heels.”

Obviously we know that our feet aren’t meant to contort at such angles, otherwise wearing heels wouldn’t make me immediately fall over and cry after 10 minutes of wear. Nevertheless it’s interesting to see just how wonky our feet look when we wear them.

“Wearing a platform or a wedge is going to be a much better heel. It is more substantial on the sole of the foot.” Dr. Bob Bavarian said. I love me some platforms (precisely because I can’t walk in heels) so that’s nice to hear. How often do you wear heels? Are you one of those fabulous people who can do double dutch in them like it’s NBD?

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