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How Do You Get Out of a Life Rut?


Lately I’ve felt like things are just not coming together for me. Like, despite my best efforts, time has stopped and all of my actions have ceased to ignite a reaction. I am ineffective. No one loves me. I’m not a special unicorn. I don’t even have money to shop away my sorrows. Basically everything is terrible and I just want to go cry in the shower. #FirstWorldProblems galore up in here.

If I were to play psychiatrist with myself, I’d say I’m stuck in a classic life rut. Intellectually, I know things will get better, that something good is bound to happen, that I just need to give it time. (Blah blah blah.) But right now? Right now I’m stuck feeling sorry for myself.

Have you guys ever fallen knee-deep in a life rut? What have you done to shake this crappy feeling? I can’t figure it out and could use a little help.

[Lead image via sunabesyou/Shutterstock]