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Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: Season 4, Episode 12


Last night was the summer season final of PLL! It took a whole season but FINALLY some of the big questions were answered. Here’s what happened:

Warning: Possible Spoilers

1. Aria kisses Ezra…again: They’ve been half-heartedly circling each other the whole season but in this episode they locked lips for a brief moment after Aria ran into him at a coffee shop. This girl drives me up the wall! She has one bad date with her sexy karate man, so it leads her to kissing her totally inappropriate ex. However, I’m not concerned about their little smooch leading anywhere…

2. Ravenswood and its Instagram filter return: This episode leads the girls to Ravenswood, where everything is grayed out. I just wonder, is that whole Ravenswood spin-off going to be colored like this? It’s kind of cool but it’s more distracting than anything else. I’d also like to see Caleb’s lovely face in full color, thanks.

3. Emily, the weakest link: While the other girls were watching a creepy magic show, Emily managed to get herself kidnapped and thrown into a coffin. Way to go girl. Out of all of them, I would think Emily is the most badass and athletic but girlfriend got herself snatched in the two seconds her friends weren’t watching her. Lucky for her, they made it just in time before she was sawed to death. While freeing Emily, the girls ran into two Red Coats, one of which was CeCe. For once, Aria wasn’t useless as she got her Buffy on and roundhouse kicked the girl off a ledge. She’s still alive somewhere though, as is the other Red Coat, whom they believe to be Ali.

4. Ali isn’t zombie: But she is alive!!! It’s finally confirmed that the blonde troublemaker/teenage temptress/Lolita/ringleader Alison is alive! We just don’t know where she is exactly. Apparently, Ali was running from a mystery man years ago and Mrs. Grunwald was the one who found her. She tried to take Ali to the hospital but Ali disappeared that night, leading everyone to believe that she was dead. I can’t wait for her to come back, hopefully sooner rather than later.

5. Ezra isn’t just a creepy teacher: BECAUSE HE IS ‘A!’ I have to give it to the writers but I never saw this coming in a million years. I always knew that I didn’t like him but now I realize it was my amazing sleuthing skills telling me that there was more than meets the eye with this one. Last night, they revealed that Ezra was the man “board shorts” who Ali was afraid of and running from before her “death.” What was even creepier was his lair that they found, which was filled with surveillance equipment and creepy photos.  I do have to give kudos to the dude, he managed to hold down a full-time job, be a dad, and stalk four girls all at once. He’s got great time management skills.

After a tough season of nothing happening half the time, the finale more than paid off! I can’t wait to see where the rest of the season goes when the show returns on October 22nd. Until next time!

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