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Win A $50,000 College Scholarship By Twerking And Getting Super Turnt


Rapper Juicy J. of 365 Mafia is offering up a $50,000 college scholarship to the best twerker. Hey, Miley may be kind of annoying but she is teaching us how to do it right. I don’t know if this is a sad sign of American culture’s decline or if it’s honestly just an interesting opportunity for a prospective college student.

He has since deleted the tweet but has just announced a collaboration with World Star Hip Hop to start the Juicy J Scholarship Foundation. This is real, you guys. Juicy J has a song called “Scholarship” about twerking so, it’s great promotion for him.

In order to enter the contest, according to TIME, “To enter the competition, young adults must post YouTube videos set to Juicy J’s “Scholarship,” of course, explaining why they deserve the prize. Contestants will be judged on their assets and creativity, but according to the press release, grades are optional.”

Get to twerking, ladies and gentlemen.

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