Dating Red Flags To Watch Out For [Dude’s List]

There are red flags all over the place that we never pay attention to when we’re in the midst of the beginning of something (or nothing). Some red flags are glaring and others might blend into the background. The hard part becomes trying to figure out what’s worth keeping an eye on and what are red herrings. Here are some of the red flags he might be waving… (NOTE: This week’s gallery is dedicated to men who, if you should ever go on a date with their kind, be on the lookout for some of these warning signs…)

There you have it. Some seem a bit “duh” and others might come off as a tad “what?” What are some of your red flags or ones you’ve been told by friends to watch for? Sharing is caring is protecting is making sure nobody falls into a situation you want to jump into a TARDIS to go back in time and prevent from ever happening. The more you’re aware, the less energy you waste on the wrong partner.

“Good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight,”

The Dude

[Lead image via Teodor Ostojic/Shutterstock]

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