10 Ways To Instantly Turn Your Day Around

This week has been a very blah week. We all have those. Right? I blame the moon.

Anyways, after Day 5 of my funk, I decided I needed something more (ok, healthier) than a greasy cheeseburger and half bottle of wine to get back on track. Here are 10 things that have tried and worked every single time.

1. A Stellar Work Out. There is nothing better than finishing a great work out. I mean, seriously, there is no better feeling. Go for a run right after work, head to your gym, get some yoga or kickboxing in, even an OnDemand workout video will do– whatever your flavor, just kick some ass and let those endorphins do the rest of the job for ya.

2. Listen To Your Favorite Album. Or a new album. Or a great pod cast. The point is — zone out to something you totally enjoy. Focus completely on the music, the lyrics, the words.

3. Get Cozy. While this can mostly only be done at the end of a blah day, it still works to get the evening on the right track. Come home from work or class and strip right down into your comfiest of comfies. Curl up with a blanket and just indulge in the comforts. How can this not make for a happy night?

4. Call Your Mom. Or dad, or long lost best friend, or best friend, or strange internet lover. Call someone who makes you feel good, and have a real voice to voice conversation. We don’t do this enough anymore, and the connection you feel after having a conversation with someone you love can be enough to remind you things are good and happy, and put a positive spin on the rest of your day.

5. Cook A Delicious Meal. Cooking and baking is incredibly therapeutic. You create something with your hands, you work on something, and then it amounts to this delicious feast that goes right into your belly. Even something as simple as an easy baked pasta dish can be both comforting and reaffirming.

6. Have a Giant Cup of Cozy Tea (Or Wine). Whichever you feel your body is craving more at that moment. Both will instantly comfort, soothe, and transport you. I promise.

7. Face Mask. A delicious, yummy, face mask can cure all of the blues. It’s cleansing, soothing, refreshing, and it always makes you feel a little more beautiful!

You can find some great homemade ones here!

8. Make a List of Things You’re Grateful For. This can help more than you think it will. Writing down the wonderful things you have in your life instantly gives you a more positive perspective on where you’re at.

9. Be Kind To Someone. As I was walking to work today, a man was walking down the street with the BIGGEST smile. It brightened up my day immediately.

10. Do the one thing you have been putting off for days/weeks/hours. This one may seem counter intuitive. But, by finally doing the dishes, making your bed, putting away your laundry– whatever the task may be– you’ll clean up your environment. Make your environment more comfortable, and you will feel relaxed. Plus, removing one more thing from your things to do that are hovering over your head at all times, can’t hurt.

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