QVC Sent Me Some Tarte Makeup To Test On Brown Skin

So QVC sent me some Tarte makeup to see how well it worked for brown skin. I was already a Tarte fan so I was pretty excited to try some new products. My tube of Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Full Coverage 12-Hour Foundation was on it’s last squirt (squirt is a weird word) and it was about a year old (you’re not supposed to use year old makeup apparently) so I was grateful that they sent me a new tube. I was currently using Tarte’s  Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Powder Foundation, Smooth Operator Micronized Skin Finishing Powder and own their Marajuca Concealer, so as you can see,  I was already a Tarte user and appreciator.

Let’s review some products and how they work on my skin, which is deep/golden tan in just about every brand. FYI, I’m going to give my real opinion of these products. Nothing biased just because they are free. However as a courtesy to brands I wouldn’t review something that I thought was horrible because that’s just plain rude.

Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Treatment Eyeshadow Wand Duo

The Eyeshadow Wands are cream sticks made with a formula similar to BB Creams. The idea is that they have anti-aging and hydrating properties that will slow down the perils of aging on your eyelids! Now, the only way you’d know if these attributes were true is if you wore the shadows for an extended period of time as you got older. Clearly I cannot speak to this product’s anti-aging properties but that doesn’t mean I’m not satisfied with how they perform. My trouble with cream shadows is that they melt off my face after a few hours because I have oily eyelids (#sad, I know). However, these don’t budge very much because they can be used in place of an eyeshadow primer. Waaaaay less creasing on my greasy eyes which means no creasing on normal eyes. The colors, which my crappy iPhone camera and poor lighting did not do justice, are quite nice. Bronzed is a taupe-y gray color and Rose Gold is vibrant, copper-y gold color.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Wear Blush

I’m going to come right out and say these were the show stoppers. One of the biggest issues with blush and bronzers for brown skin is a lack of pigmentation. Again, if my camera wasn’t so crap, you’d be able to see that these blushes are HIGHLY pigmented. Do not use a heavy hand with these babies otherwise you will look like a straight up clown, unless that’s how you like to look then go for it honey. These blushes would be great if you were trying to do a crazy ’80s Debbie Harry look because they are that bold and vibrant. Amused is a pinkish color that will give you a natural glow, whereas Tipsy is a straight up flush that’s great for evening looks, hence the name Tipsy. Do these last 12 hours? I’ve never worn them that long but they’ve made it past an 8-hour stretch!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full-Coverage Foundation SPF 15 w/Brush

As I mentioned above I already owned this foundation but stopped using it because it was probably expired. The crusty tube in the center above is my worn out tube. QVC was kind enough to send me a new one and this amazing brush which is probably one of the softest, most dense brushes I’ve ever used. I am pretty picky with foundation because I have sensitive, zit prone skin which is why I am a sucker for Tarte. First of all this has SPF 15. SPF is absolutely essential and if you think it’s not then just wait a decade or so when you’re wondering why you look older than all your friends who are the same age. Sun will exasperate signs of aging and increase the process altogether so if you’re not going to wear SPF to prevent cancer then you should for vanity!

Another thing I enjoy about this foundation is that it has only a few ingredients and none of the super irritating ones that cause breakouts. This foundation is made without, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs and triclosan. Tarte foundations have never broken me out, which is a huge deal for me. Now, this foundation (and the powder foundation I use by Tarte) attest to be full coverage.

I would say this a medium buildable foundation but not necessarily full coverage. I don’t think the makeup lasts 12 hours either, I mean it will be on your face after 12 hours but not at the level of coverage you had once started with. It is however very good for oily skin because it is formulated with clay which has mattifying properties.

The last thing I wanted to talk about is the color range for this product especially because this post is about how these products work for brown skin. When I first bought this product the color range was limited. I was the darkest shade which is never the case because my skin simply isn’t the deepest shade of brown. I haven no idea how that fourth lady is supposed to be tan when I am actually tan!  QVC only has 5 shades available in this foundation and if you are a person of color that is just not going to fly. The deepest shade available just happened to be my exact match.

However I did notice that at Sephora Tarte has expanded it’s color range of this product to 16 shades. Yes, 16 shades. So if QVC doesn’t have your color match try another makeup retailer.

All and all what do I think of Tarte now that I’ve tried like a babillion of their products? I love them. I think they’re reliable, live up to most of their expectations which most products do not, contain non-irritating and natural ingredients and are just worth the price. I appreciate that unlike many other brands they continuously create products that are accessible to people of all different skin tones. Tarte gets an A from me. Thanks again to QVC for sending me these fabulous products to add to my collection. For more Tarte products and super awesome gift sets check out the Tarte section at QVC.

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