University Gives Students Bikes So That They Won’t Drive

University of Dayton in Ohio is giving 100 students free bikes if they promise not to drive cars onto campus. The giveaway is a part of the university’s plan to reduce it’s carbon footprint. It’s a great idea. I am super terrified of riding bikes in the street but to those who are what a great option to limit the amount of money the spend of gas and how they negatively effect the environment by using cars.

Three hundred students have entered to ditch their cars in exchange for a bike but only 100 recipients will actually receive the free bike. These aren’t crap bikes either, they each retail at over $600. I think it’s great the cities and universities are doing more to make their streets more bike friendly.

Bikes are great exercise, cheap transportation and if enough people do it can have positive effects on the environment. For lame-os like me who can’t drive and are too scared to ride bikes, there’s always the subway.

[Image Via. Shutter Stock /  gpointstudio]

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