CC Book Club: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Welcome back to August’s installment of the CC Book Club. I hoped you’re ready to share your thoughts on City of Bones! We’re taking a look at City of Bones, the first book in the Mortal Instruments series, which has just been made into a movie. I tried tackling this book once before, but didn’t make it through and honestly can’t remember why. I thought this would be the perfect excuse to re-visit it and hope you joined in too. From here on out there will be spoilers!

City of Bones tells the story of Clarissa “Clary” Fray and her introduction to the realm of Shadowhunters, demons and all sorts of other supernatural beings. It all starts when she witnesses a murder in a nightclub that no one else seems to see. Then, her mother disappears and a Shadowhunter, Jace, shows up and introduces her to his world. Together they discover that Clary’s mother, Jocelyn, was a Shadowhunter who went into hiding and is the only one who knows the location of the Mortal Cup. This cup turns humans into Shadowhunters and is extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. Along with a band of Shadowhunters, Clary and Jace go on a journey that changes her life forever.

To be honest, I could not stand the writing in this book. It’s marketed as teen fiction, but I felt like it was written for a 10 year old. For example, Clary and Jace are sharing an apple and she thinks “The apple tastes cool and green.” Cool and green do not describe tastes – cool is a sensation and green is a color! The book was littered with things like this and drove me crazy. It actually took away from my enjoyment of the story, which was quite good. I’m a sucker for supernatural fiction and liked the whole world that Cassandra Clare created for this series. I also found that Clare tried to counteract this immature writing by throwing in inappropriate and awkward sexual comments. Did you guys find the writing juvenile and cumbersome?

As far as the characters go, I really liked Jace, but not Clary. She seems like a rather weak heroine; Jace is always jumping in to save her from her own stupidity. It bothers me when teen books feature these damsels (Bella in Twilight anyone?). I also got the impression that Clary is more concerned with her love life than finding her mother at times. Any real person in her situation would not be able to focus on a boy, let alone multiple ones. Jace however, is the typical bad boy with a tortured past. Now that I read that back, sounds a lot like Edward Cullen! Whatever, I liked him and his sassy nature. What did you think of the characters in City of Bones?

I’m planning on seeing the movie, but not particularly excited now that I’ve read City of Bones. Without further ado, our September book is also inspired by a new release: Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman! I’ve heard from everyone that you have to read the book before you watch the show, so this is a shameless way to make that happen. Enjoy!

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