This 11-Year-Old QT Pie Is Going To Be A College Freshman

Carson Huey-You is an 11-year-old genius who is about to attend Texas Christian University as a freshman. What had I accomplished by the time I was 11 years old? Well, I lost the Annual Story Telling Contest in third grade so . . . it’s basically the same thing.

Carson, as you might imagine, is the youngest freshman to attend the college. Carson scored a 1770 on his SATs and was valedictorian at his high school. The youngster was reading chapter books by the age age of two and could multiply and divide by three. He wants a Ph. D by the time he was 20 and says calculus relaxes him. Lol. I wish calculus relaxed me, then I might know how to calculate a tip.

While I would hate to go to college at 11 years old because there is such a social disparity, obviously there is no way for Carson to know that and he seemed to have survived high school just fine. Everyone has a different path and maybe this is his.

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