20 Celebrities Wearing All White, It’s Labor Day We Must Never Wear White Again!

Why can’t you wear white after Labour Day? I never knew the answer to this so I googled it only to find that it had to do with the upper crust of society being super snobby in the 1800s. ¬†Apparently after the Civil War, rich people ruled high society but as more people became self-made millionaires it was difficult to tell old money from new money. This is a very Gatsbian issue.

In the 1880s the women of high society decided to create a whole bunch of arbitrary rules of fashion so that they could tell who was “in” and who was “out.” In this way, if a very wealthy woman came to the opera wearing a gown worth more than the others, if she was wearing the wrong sleeve length they still knew she was old money. Isn’t that such a cruel joke?

Reserving white clothing to the summer months was one of these rules and when Labor Day became a national holiday they used it as a cut off date. By the 1950s this had simply become a rule of America. Today we celebrate with 20 celebrities wearing white. Feel free to break this rule old the effing time.

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