Cosmic Candy: September 2nd – 8th

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries and Aries Rising- Thursdays new moon is in your 6th house of Clean Your Shit Up And Get It Together! Everything takes consistency and there are no shortcuts when we are talking about measurable progress-that being said this weekend coming up is a perfect time to start on the road to taking better care of you.  Depending on your level of commitment to well being this may be about a minor tweak or a major shift, whatever the case it would be good if there was a concerted effort for this shift to be physical in nature yet spiritual in intent.  It’s also the time to get your books organized, office space cleaned up and to tend to any concerns you have about pets, co-workers or anyone else you serve and see on a regular basis.  In fact it’s this act of cleansing that leads to so much more openness in the rest of your life and it’s not just paper work and exercise regiments we want you to work on-the most important thing for you to clear is the obsessive, nagging worry that you might miss “it” or worse yet, that you have.  Purge the paranoid delusions that you’ll never really win anything but your own self-respect.

Taurus and Taurus Rising- Your getting down into the muck and mire of the issues at hand and over the next few weeks there is bound to be some movement in your home situation.  This may just involve a reorganization of your bedroom furniture or the restructuring of a family issue (namely how you situate your self in it) but clearing things up at home is a high priority now.  When resentments fester in families and living situations no one feels safe and the integrity of the initial agreement is broken.  Make a commitment to be honest and thorough with yourself when dealing with these conflicts.  In other news there is a new moon on Thursday in your 5th house of Joyful, Spontaneous, Sexy, Creative Goodness.  This moon aims to get down to the root of a self confidence issue, this could relate to an issue from the past around not being received in the way in which you thought you should be-but remember that those are just your perceptions.  The truth is that the world is waiting with baited breath for each one of us to show up and give this life our all.  Try risking it so that you may let go of the fear you have around being rejected and just get on with the business of being yourself.  It’s also important for you to be very giving to your love relationships right now.  See if you can’t appreciate all of the material that they bring up.  There are ways in which you can be overly self-contained and to counter that try to share some of that inner resourcefulness with those around you and see what unfolds.

Gemini and Gemini Rising- Look, you have to talk about it. I mean in general that is your way, but specifically now – you need an outlet!  Writing projects that have you funneling all of your usually dispersed energy into one defined subject are helpful.  Words can and are conspiring to help you articulate a deeper issue so it’s important that you create space for that to happen.  Thursdays new moon has you getting to the root of a family issue, something that is either generally hidden from view (although to most it may appear as blatant as a pink elephant) or an actual secret that gets flushed out.  The important thing for you to remember is that you don’t have to push at the truth, there’s no need to strain in order to see or figure or make sense of this situation-it is unfolding as it needs to. The issues that surface this week are parental in nature meaning your relationships to them are exposed, but this new moon also has you considering what you need at home in order to feel more confident in the world.  Think of it this way: if you can’t get a good night sleep you have a harder time putting in a good days work.  Straighten out your home situation so that they rest can flow with ease.

Cancer and Cancer Rising- Got your mind on your money and your money on your mind?  Looks like you are trying your darndest but the universe seems to be holding its cards pretty close.  Don’t fret about it; honestly, this next week has a tightening effect on your purse strings (or should).  Don’t overspend, but don’t worry too much about what you don’t have, the planets are taunting you into believing some stories around your own deficiencies and your lack of talent.  LIES I say! All lies!  But you are the only one who can enter the battlefield like a Jedi Warrior and defend your life and creative ingenuity.  Success doesn’t come to those among us that are the most talented, those who are willing to risk it all and routinely chance making a fool of themselves as an offering to living a life of authenticity and courageous honesty claim success.  Your ticket to getting down to some of this no-nonsense bravado comes care of the new moon on Thursday.  This is a ruthlessly honest and sincerely deep gaze into your mind, beliefs and cognitive well being.  It has the potential to be something like an enema for your brain, a cleansing for the mind and a revealing of hidden fears that need redirection and encouragement to morph into something skillful, helpful and useful.  Most of our issues in life stem from misguided desires and misconstrued reality.  The problem always stems from our thoughts and this week you get a chance to straighten some of those misunderstandings out.

Leo and Leo Rising- More power to you!  There is a wind at your back now that Mars is in your sign.  This should help you to take a stand, pick a direction and make some more definitive plans (do you feel the “however” coming?).  However (like clockwork) something else holds the reigns on this planet for the next week or so.  When Mars enters our sign we often feel the need to go our own way and break out into new territory-all appropriate desires but for you a family, home or security matter somehow hampers this.  A visit from a parent, an issue with housing or an old family drama or behavior seems to get in the way of your personal freedom, or so you think.  It’s so odd how being with people from our past evokes an ancient response to current issues.  Notice when you are being outdated in your responses and letting yourself be limited by past patterns-awareness sometimes is enough to change the game.  This months new moon is in your second house of finances and self-esteem and it aims to get to the heart of both of those issues-perhaps this has to do with the inherited behaviors we were just talking about or a financial issue has you reeling-either way this would be the time to stand strong in your convictions, see the present for what it is and move forward with any business opportunities that you have been working on.

Virgo and Virgo Rising- Someone is assisting you right now in ways that may feel a little more like hindrance than a help but trust me-if it’s in your line of vision it’s your medicine in this moment.  Stop questioning and accept the whole thing exactly as it is.  Accept them as they are and you as you are and try not to try and be somewhere else: THIS IS WHERE IT’S AT.  In the universal game of tag the cosmos has just declared, “You’re it!” So, here’s a crazy idea for you: act like it.  Faith, my friend, faith.  It’s what all the cool kids are doing and this Thursday the new moon in Virgo is all about it.  It’s your new moon, your new start and it’s a good time to consider what kind of year you want to set yourself up for. I’m going to give you a little clue about how to get a VIP pass to the party: go big.  Look for the connections instead of drawing conclusions, acknowledge the feelings of love instead of falling into the well of loneliness and enjoy every single little detail that is there to be enjoyed.  Access the wealth of your friendships by mining for the beauty in them.  Submit to whimsical yearnings for strawberry cake and sunflowers and when the deeper feelings come, as they do and as they should, welcome them as a sign of being human.  Be a simple human and know that like all things, like every little and big thing: this too shall pass.

Libra and Libra Rising- This Thursday there is a new moon in your 12th house of Unseen Forces, Dreams, Letting Go and The Great Unknown.   It’s a spiritual hodge-podge of a house, a psychedelic trip through the inner working of your psychology, a creative protoplasm of possibilities.  It’s a dark space that helps us to get some good rest and speak to the spirits and angels that abound, all around.  I know that may not be very practical information but you can use this moon in very practically magical ways. Venus is still in your first house, in your sign and out of the cross hairs of Uranus and Pluto, which means that you may be dealing with the fall-out of having stirred the pot and the demons from their slumber.  At the same time Mars is in your 11th house of friendship and associations so I recommend that you either lead the protest, organize the rally or join the community rugby team (ogling babes from the sidelines doesn’t count) otherwise you may be sitting on a little too much energy that could start to run a muck.  In short, let off some stream but please do not fall into having petty arguments.  You do need to break out on your own-but watch (especially between now and September 9th) for creating grounds for all out wars.  Getting back to the new moon-this is a portal for you to create what you want, and given some of the relationship revelations that went on last week (you know you shouldn’t call them back or bring up the past-so don’t!) I’d say you are in a moment that is like a powerful testament to staying in the present and creating something that is soulful, honest and full of you.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising- Do you call people when you are lonely?   Do you reach out when you feel lost?  Are you able to be human, vulnerable and transparent with your friends?  Do you have groups of people that you sit with where you practice being brutally honest with each other?  The new moon this Thursday is efficiently provoking these questions and asking you what you feel like you are missing in your social circles and what you can provide them (anything that we feel is missing from our lives is the exact thing that we are to give to it).  And missing may be the theme in your relationship life right now with Venus transiting through the 12th house of Where Did Everybody Go??  Actually, last weeks events may have triggered a far bigger response than that and sacrifices in relationships are par for the course in that kind of astrology.  So this week can be a kind of mending if you choose to patchwork your way out of any despair.  On another note-but not unrelated, your ruling planet, Mars, just moved into your 10th house of go Get ‘Em Tiger!  This should give you a boost in your work/career/public life so use Thursday’s new moon to gather folks around you that you know want to support you.  We can’t do this life alone no matter what you Scorpio fantasies are of walking off into a dark alleyway all Super Hero-like.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising- The one new moon a year that happens in your 10th house of I Have A Really Important Job To Do On The Planet And Only I Can Do It happens this Thursday.  Some may call this a “career” but it’s deeper than that, it’s what you would preach if you were a preacher, what you would teach if you were a teacher and what you would dance if you were a dancer.  It’s a, “It’s your thing, do what you want to do” kind of house.   A new moon in this sector of your chart is like wearing spring loaded Reeboks on the court-everything that you do has a little extra oomph.  The new moon is on Thursday so take action on Friday and beyond, until then work on what you want to put forth.  Mars just entered your 9th house of Get Me On The Next Plane To Anywhere Else But Here, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some travel in your present and/or near future.  Depending on how much conflict and/or change came into your life via others last week, this next week could be the start of many good things.  Take time to enjoy Saturday, it’s especially good for you and your career.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising- There is a tension tightening between your ruling planet of Stoic Responsible Action and Mars, the planet of I’m Bored, Let’s Go To War!  This next week has everything to do with all the issues that may arise when joining forces with another: moving in, starting a business, buying a refrigerator together (you have no idea how triggering household appliances can be!) and what your individual and collective dreams are.  If you’re single this could have more to do with friendships, housemates and organizations you belong to (any group of people are bound to get a little prickly when it comes to details).  Thursday’s new moon is getting set off in your 9th house of Wide Open Spaces and is helping you to get down to the heart of the matter in terms of how you think about things.  In all this potential relationship drama (lovers and/or friends) don’t lose sight of the important questions such as: what is really meaningful and important to you and do your partnership have space for that?  What are the laws that govern you and what are the boundaries and limits that you refuse to go beyond?

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising- I think that it’s fair to say that you probably are picking up on some tension that’s formulating in your intimate relationships.  You aren’t just being paranoid, but I don’t suggest teasing out the tension with undue poking or prodding, and for the love of Baby Jesus Goddess, do not pull rank or use any kind of moral high ground you could stand on when getting to the details. Teasing out who said what and what said who could be a recipe for falling into your own trap.  The truth is that you have power over each word you say if you speak when you aren’t in the midst of a meltdown.  When we are angry our brains literally flare up and it’s like we can no longer think or make sense.  Wise words shift the power-not as a means of weaponry but as a way of remaining clean and clear of sometimes entangled and murky relationship dynamics.  Furthermore, this Thursday there is a new moon in your 8th house of This Is Ours And This Is How We Share It, so it can be a fruitful time to set some really firm boundaries in your relationship agreements so that messy emotional conflicts cannot permeate and cause undue water damage later down the road.

Pisces and Pisces Rising- Maybe, just maybe it couldn’t be more precisely your time to get to the very heart of a relationship matter.  The beginning of the week is asking for you to be rigorously honesty in this realm of your life.  Issues that have to do with your relationship (or lack there of) with your father could be at the root of this.  If that relationship is either clear or you are in a family structure that doesn’t contain one of “those” than Thursdays new moon aims to reach into the center of what you may have been hiding from.  Dishonesty only ever impedes our growth, it doesn’t ever grow into something beautiful or wonderful or prosperous so cut your loses and get real. As a writing/contemplative exercise I suggest that you allow some creative time to get down to some of the lies that you have had to carry, hold and foster in your relationships.  This isn’t and exercise that you use to berate yourself-but it can help facilitate the powerful healing process that this new moon seems to want for you.  If there is some behavior that is showing up in one of your partners that you find nauseating, infuriating or completely absurd you may want to take a look at how your reaction to it is disempowering you.  This is the time for you to renew your participation in your relationships, but why do the same thing and expect different results?  Work backwards: see the relationship you want and then contemplate what behaviors you can cultivate now in order to experience that.

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