Back to School Video Boot Camp: Upper Body Strengthening [CC’s ShapeU]

Ah, yes, nothing says ‘school is in session’ quite like the fresh smell of rented textbooks and bar-soaked shoes (…wait, seriously what is that?). And when the semester begins, we give up more than just a little piece of our dignity – we lose the precious extra time we had not long ago for shopping, eating, and yes, working out. But just because we actually have to set our alarm, or actually have something to write down in our planner that takes place before 12 PM, doesn’t mean we have to forsake our daily workout.

For some of us, now that syllabus week is over, the school year has officially begun, meaning we need to stop insisting that every day in “winesday” – even though deep down we know it is. And for those of us still basking in pre-semester bliss, resistance is futile, because reality is coming up fast. Regardless of your situation, any collegiate lady out there can use a little extra support in the fitness department.

Like a good bra from Victoria’s Secret, ShapeU’s Back-to-School Boot Camp video series is exactly what we need! Every Tuesday in September will feature a different workout made specifically for college girls like us — those with no time or money to hit the gym or hire a trainer, but all the intentions in the world to look hot this school year!

Check out the first installment that focuses on toning the upper body here:


So whether you’re a seasoned veteran beginning your last year of partying academia, or a freshman who’s barely learned the rules of slap-cup, this workout is for you! Don’t sacrifice your fitness just because your work is picking up! Get in shape or stay in shape with Back-to-School Boot Camp!

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