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When Was The Last Time Britney Spears Wore A Bra? [18 Photos]


Not wearing a bra is the biggest IDGAF about what you think of my stance a girl can make. Some ladies have perky or tiny boobs to pull of the no bra look with a chic elegance. Britney is neither small or perky breasted but I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen her wear a bra besides red carpet events. I can’t help but covet her valor and courage. Her nipples could be going left and right and she’ll still walk around with her head held high, double fisting frappuccino ¬†from Starbucks. She really doesn’t care all that much about her public image and I think it’s awesome. Her 2007 breakdown was partially, if not entirely, a symptom of fame, so to be able to see my girl schlepping around Los Angeles with sorta saggy boobs is liberating and inspiring.

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