10 Essentials Every College Kid Needs for Their Dorm Room

The summer before my freshman year of college, I went on a giant shopping spree. I went Target and just loaded up on all the things I thought I would need throughout the year. From trashcans to a lock for my laptop (I know, what?), I seriously thought I had covered all my bases.

Dude, I was so wrong.

You really don’t know what you need until a couple weeks into school. And you really don’t know what you don’t need at all until the year is over. That shoe rack? Never even took it out of the box. That giant tub of anti-bacterial? Never even used it.

I wish that there had been some sort of list for what I was actually going to use back when I was in college because I would have saved a lot of money and time moving it all in and out. Thankfully, the ladies over at Gurl.com have all you newbies covered!

From accent rugs to makeup remover wipes, there are tons of essential things that you would never even think about, but thanks to this list, you’ll be all set. Head on over to Gurl and check it out!

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