This College Prof Had A Home Pot Lab, Not As Cool As You Think

A Northwest Missouri State University professor is being charged with producing and possessing weed at his home lab after police found his “stash” when they were investigating for threatening a mass school shooting. While I wish the world were less crazy, reading stories like this makes me feel less paranoid about believing some professors/teachers were crazy or out to get me. Did your parents believe teachers were infallible just because they were teachers and you were like, “No, this betch is cray!”?

Matthew Rouch posted on his Facebook, “by October, I’ll be wanting to get up to the top of the bell tower with a high powered rifle — with a good scope, and probably a gatling gun as well.” The police couldn’t determine the seriousness of the threat so he won’t be charged on those counts but the weed thing is not looking good.

According to The Kansas City Star, “Police discovered marijuana plants growing beneath heated lights, multiple baggies of pot and a few bongs, all sitting in plain sight.” The cops believed it was mostly for personal use but that sure sounds like a lot of mary-ja-wanna.

See, mom, professors be cray sometimes.

[Image Via. Shutter Stock /  Eldad Carin]

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