4 Tweaks To Enhance Your Fall Makeup Bag

I love the changing of seasons but when it comes to changing up my makeup I’m not a huge huge fan. But luckily for you (and me!) there doesn’t have to be a huge change. I stick to a few staples all year round (mascara, tinted moisturizer, black eyeliner) and make a few tweaks here and there for spring/summer and fall/winter. Here are some of my go-to change ups that are guaranteed to make your summer into fall transition seamless…

1. Nail Polish

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I’m completely obsessed with nail polish. It may or may not be a problem. When it comes to nail color, everything is fair game. There’s no need to hide all your brighter colors! A pop of color during the fall will definitely brighten up a gloomy day! The only colors I don’t tend bench for the cooler seasons are neons (think: highlighter pink, day-glow orange).

2. That “Sun Kissed Glow”

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I use bronzer year-round. I know most of you are saying “NO!!!” but let me explain! There’s nothing wrong with having a little color on your face year-round. The key here is the shade (no one wants their face looking 10 shades darker than the rest of their body!). I choose a shade lighter than my summer shade. I also use a slightly shimmery bronzer in the summer, but come fall I switch back to my matte bronzer. And I only sweep a little along my cheeks, forehead and nose. Tinted moisturizer is also something I use basically year round (except summer). I like to use it after I moisturize for a little hint of color and an extra moisture barrier to keep my skin happy. I usually only use one or the other and always choose one with SPF!

3. Eye color


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As mentioned earlier, one of my staples is black eye liner. In the fall, I sometimes switch it up with a metallic shimmery one for nights out. I personally don’t use eyeshadow but for those who do, the great thing about fall is shimmery colors! No need to worry about the summer heat melting off your super cute sparkly eyeshadow and looking like a drunk Ke$ha (circa 2010) did your makeup.

4. Lips

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Hello darker lips! Fall is the perfect time to pull out those darker berry and crimson shades of lipstick. For those who aren’t used to wearing darker lip colors, go for one that’s just a shade or two darker than your spring/summer color. Make sure to find an extra moisturizing one to keep your chapped lips (and impromptu make out sessions 😉 ) extra happy.

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