Cosmic Candy: September 9th – 15th

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries and Aries Rising- Your ruling planet, Mars starts the week out by causing some friction.  A good thing to remember is that we actually can’t think properly when we are angry, we can’t access certain parts of our brain that help us to think rational thoughts and we absolutely cannot access the system that’s responsible for sensations such as bliss, compassion, love and unity. This week is full of provocations, tricky, slippery testy moments that will tempt you into responding in a reactive and possibly hysterical way — but feeling threatened and separate is not the only path before you.  The other trail that lies at your feet is one that can carry you towards an ultimate freedom in your relationships.  This can happen by laying out exactly how you tend to get in the way of your relationships blossoming.  This is just part of the human experience and we all do it to one extent or another.  We all try to control and contrive and contort our way into living the life we think should be happening instead of marveling at the joyous splendor of what is.  I have a hunch that the latter is way more fun.

Taurus and Taurus Rising- Commitment, a loaded word and a path to freedom.  It comes from the Latin committere, which means “to unite, connect, combine; to bring together,” com- “together” + mittere “to put”. So Taurus, the question is: What are you putting together and what is being created?  I can’t imagine that there won’t be issues that are starting to come to light about who you want to join forces with and who you don’t.  Overall right now is not the time to be giving others authority over your own life, but having said that there is no need not to have an elder near by that can guide you through, offer you some mentoring and show you the way.  Sometimes when actual people aren’t around to do the job we have to resort to a committee of elders in our meditations, visions and prayers.  However you do it, I’d like for your to be consciously moving through the commitment issues that you know you do have.  First things first though, you must commit to you.  You are moving into a time period where (not to be too dramatic about it) you’ll be dealing with the outcome of what feels like lifetimes of karma that you’ve created with others while having the chance to neutralizing some current karmic issues.  Keep your relationships simple and straightforward, this is not a time you want to be even the least bit shady.

Gemini and Gemini Rising- Your knack for versatility is going to be a key component to carrying you through some feisty terrain this week.  You may feel a little pitted against your friends and/or lovers, business partners and tax collectors.  This kind of duality may exacerbate your tendencies to baffle yourself with an Olympic-sized game of mental ping-pong, which can be further aggravated by a temporary lack of work or disbelief in your own capabilities.  One thing to keep in mind: this whole thing is a really sophisticated illusion and the only way out of its traps are to not fall for its stunts.  Some of the things that you can do to make sure that this doesn’t happen are: refuse to give into obsessive thought patterns (they are such a bore!) and try to get to another option besides complete destruction of what is.  There is good in the wreckage-you just need to be patient enough to see it.  When all else fails remember this: your main job is to CALM THE FUCK DOWN-master that and everything else falls into place.

Cancer and Cancer Rising- Issues with parents are long lasting, like till death do you part long-lasting and it’s easy to wax poetic about seeing the positive in negative situations yet shit hurts sometimes and that’s OK too.  Some things are not resolvable, some things are not simple, some strategies for self-improvement are but cheap imitations of what real healing can look and feel like.  Go for the long haul instead of the quick fix, take the things that trigger you this week and view them as teachers and not just bad luck.  Our childhoods shape our views until we actively engage with reconstructing what “reality” is and this week is a prime example of some ways to do some deeper renovations.  The way you are expressing yourself currently carries with it extra weight.  Almost like it’s recorded in your body, in your mind and in all of your relationships.  Yes of course, we hold all experiences somewhere, but there is something particularly potent about how you choose to say what you have to say right now, so say it bearing in mind that it’s really helpful to be mindful of how it lands. But really this time is about you becoming more authentically you and by the looks of it, you are more able to do that now. This week is about renewal and recommitting to you.  A simple (but not always easy) way to do this by showing up with as much integrity as possible in all your affairs.

Leo and Leo Rising- Oh, dear.  Well the most intense of it for you happens bright and early Monday morning, but it’s not the end of the story.  Nope, you’ve got some bones to pick my friend and some conversations will be had.  Little things may get your goat, but by the weekend your cup runneth over.  If there are more charged conversations to be had just remember to pause as much as possible-especially if you are agitated.  There could be a lot of family drama or home life drama that you are being pulled into (or are you creating it?) whatever the case it’s time for you to hold a firmer boundary then you have ever been able to before. The important piece to get this week is that you cannot hide from your truth and neither can anyone else.  It’s bound to come out and it’s the right time for it to and you don’t want to cause undue harm.  Right now you are learning about what kind of boundaries leadership takes.  It’s OK not to know how to lay them all down right now-but it’s important that you work on it.  The path of least resistance meets speaking your truth-find the intersection and you’re golden.

Virgo and Virgo Rising- It could be a conversation about finances that sends you into a tizzy this week, or something that hits a little lower.  It’s doesn’t take much to have you spinning out wondering what about you needs a complete overhaul, actually sometimes it seems as though you are actively searching for evidence about why you aren’t as good as you “should” be.  But there is something a little more honest that is revealing itself to you right now and the planets want you to listen to a new tune.  It goes a little something like this: What if you have everything you need (we are talking hat, matching gloves, complimentary colored shoes with earring that accent the whole getup flawlessly) to be the perfect you and you are ready to show us all-or maybe more importantly yourself, how you in particular want to express that.  The other thing that I want you to keep an eye on is your romantic expectations-or fantasies about what romantic partners should, or worse, could be doing.  There’s an emotionally obsessive quality to your chart this week so just keep pulling the focus back to yourself and ponder all the things that you could get done if you weren’t spending all that energy thinking about what “they” aren’t doing (right).

Libra and Libra Rising- Your words and thoughts always have power, but this week and leading up to this weekend especially.  There are things that you may need to say that will shock others, there are ideas that come to you that are exciting revelations that may take some reconfiguring in your home life in order to be made manifest.  There may be things you may need to confront at home that will cause some friction or a family member may have a little “helpful” advice that is anything but.  However outside of external activities this week has you dropping into some intense emotions and you may be thinking, “Well, what really is left to uncover about my past or childhood?” Whenever a thought like this crosses my mind I immediately say a prayer that the lesson be soft and that I be able to retain a certain amount of grace while experiencing it, because it’s a sure sign one is one its way.  Beyond the issues at home, with family or in relation to your past there are some tensions brewing in your social circles as well, this could be due to the loss of a friendship, a separation of some kind or money owed that is causing a rift.  One thing is for sure, we can never figure our deeper issues out entirely on our own-we need outside help to burst our bubble and challenge the hard shell of our ego.  It’s kind of like getting one of those designer cupcakes, it’s so pretty you don’t want to mess it up by eating it-but how else are you going to get that sweet gooey-goodness in your mouth?  This week asks you to get a little messy, break a few rules, experience your cupcake and eat it too.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising- Trust me on this one: everyone feels relieved when we have good, healthy, working boundaries.  I know, some kick and scream because you no longer fall for their tricks but are you really benefiting from your relationships with them anyway?  It’s high time that you started some lists about the pros and cons of the relationships that trigger you and get really clear about what you are getting out of them.  Often we hang onto certain so-and-sos in order to feel superior to something, and your sign does need to watch out for falling into that trap.  You are powerful, no doubt.  You do have to deal with power issues, for serious.  However one of your key lessons in this life is to learn about using your power responsibly and by that I mean learning how to empower yourself and by extension, those around you.  There’s a lot of behind the scenes talk going on, your week is filled with revealing truths that you can’t really share with anyone.  Be the vault that you are so talented at being-remember boundaries are where it’s at for you so keep a secret unless it’s harmful to do so.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising- Ok, so what?  Relationship (including friendships) may not be super-duper, oh-so-fantastic-easy-peasy for you right now.  Oh well!  It will shift, but for now this is this.  It’s OK to let things go, sometimes it’s permanent and sometimes it’s just temporary.  Sometimes a relationship has to die in its current form in order to be born again into something more fulfilling for all parties involved.  This weekend may bring about a conversation that rocks you and/or your friendships, challenging the nature of the relationship, also no big deal-wouldn’t you rather live with the certainty that you know that those you love are down for the hard times and if they aren’t then that’s the truth too?  The good news is that you are about to get overwhelmed with too many good ideas (don’t you love when it’s too many?), conversations with friends at some pretty groovy popsicle stands or perhaps you are just feeling connected to the world at large, which for the moment you really are.  Overwhelm comes when you are trying to be everything for everyone.  Take some time to check in and see how you feel and what you need this week.  Your friends are fabulous and worth the effort, but so are you.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising- We all know that vulnerability may not be the most comfortable suit for you to put on, granted, but it’s an outfit that needs to be donned this week.  The only way I want you to prepare for this is to consistently tell yourself (in whatever language serves you) that being open to the moment, being open to life means that it’s going to have an effect on you emotionally.  Furthermore only our attitudes towards our feelings deem whether they are “good” or “bad”.  Sad or happy doesn’t matter if we are open to the whole gamut of being a feeling human.  Think about how you may wish that you had been taught to handle feelings, imagine a parent or elder in your childhood that had the emotional maturity and wisdom that you craved and wanted to experience and then be that for yourself.  Or better yet see just how far you have already come in this arena and dare to pat yourself on the back about what a great job you are doing while you look at the long, winding road ahead.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising- How do we maintain any amount of equanimity, our dignity and respect for those that we disagree with while being able to stay engaged in difficult conversations rife with differences, dualism and discord?  It’s about as easy as herding kittens, but well worth the effort.  I am hoping that this week in some, or many ways blows your mind leaving you in an altered state, befuddled, amused and a little disorientated.  It’s good to be shaken every once in a while, lets us know that there is still so much to learn and by the looks of it there’s more than meets the eye to the folks you are engaging with.  Your work or public life is getting increasingly more interesting and by interesting I mean testy.  If I was to write an article on it, it would be entitled Moving Into Mastery. So the question is: what’s standing in your way?  What are the obstacles that are presenting themselves and how can you get to know them better?  First off I would encourage you to continue the clarity that you have been pursuing around firming up your boundaries at work especially with co-workers.  What is your responsibility?  What is theirs?  Clarity leads to calm, which leads to a greater sense of well-being and an easier time showing up in the world.  Boundaries are a relief.

Pisces and Pisces Rising- It seems to me, that a something like a plan is emerging; though “plan” to you can be like a four letter word.  However, it’s something more akin to a soul’s calling than a rigid set of motions that you need to adhere to.  In order for this to solidify into something that you can hook your cart to we may need to do some reorganizing in terms of how you see your life so far.  What if everything that you have ever lived through has been perfectly timed and expertly enacted?  What if all of the more difficult experiences that you have faced have in fact created the perfect platform for you to stand on and all of the knowledge that you have is exactly the amount you need?  I am including all that you have inherited, all that you have felt burdened by and all that you have had to struggle to repackage into positives.  What if these are the very things that make you stand out and shine in your field?  I say this because more than ever now is the time to recognize what it is you have to teach, what it is you have mastered and what it is that you have that we so desperately need.

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