Recap: The Newsroom Season 2, Episode 8 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

Since The Newsroom took a week off, they let their best episode yet marinate with viewers (and maybe even got a repeat watch out us!). But as the Election Night finale began, I knew that we were getting ready for a more slow burn of a conclusion rather than the breakneck pace and speed we loved just one episode ago. Anyway, it seems like Will and the ACN crew want to make sure they have every reason to be fired instead of trying to fight the good fight that they’ve been going for since the series’ inception.

In Which Will Finally Gives Up

Not only was Will trying to spread morale around ACN, he also seemed to be the only one who didn’t really care about whether or not Jane Fonda accepted his resignation papers. He was genuinely happy for a bit, until he saw Mac. Mac’s general disposition isn’t the most pleasant, but now that she’s given up on work and well as seemingly her upkeep, well, I guess Will got hit a little harder than most. It took the entire episode for him to get to the point of literally trying to get fired. The finale is going to be owned by Will, and I’m pretty excited to see how he tries to dig his own grave.

In Which Charlie Might Have A Heart Attack

Charlie was easily one of the most entertaining aspects of the episode tonight, but his constant mood swings from docile to rage cannot be healthy of a man his age. He was put on the back burner a little bit, but thanks to him, we got an AMAZING monologue from Resse/Chris Messina about whether or not he was gay, which easily could have been the most quotable moment of this season so far. Hopefully Charlie pulls through in the finale, but something’s got to give.

In Which Don Gets Hit With Another Lawsuit

Poor Don. He has definitely morphed into one of the best characters on the show this season, but this whole countersuit with Jerry Dantana over calling him a sociopath isn’t exactly a storyline I’m into, since it will obviously carry over into Season 3. Like what exactly will happen to Don? Will he just be super broke? Will he have to leave his job? Will he be able to date Sloane now? It sucks for Don that everything has to hit the fan for him right now.

In Which Neal Deals with Sloane & Mac Being Neurotic Because Aaron Sorkin

You kind of felt bad for Neal this episode given he was really just on a bunch of scavenger hunts for his superiors, but Mac’s downfall notwithstanding; Olivia Munn proved once again why she might be the most powerful/valuable supporting actress on the show. Sloane is so engaging and so gripping every time she’s on the screen that if she seriously isn’t considered for something when award season comes around next year, I’ll be a little upset.

Overall, let’s recap for what has to happen in the finale:  Jim & Maggie might finally be friends, the Jerry Dantana lawsuit might take the worst turn ever for the ACN staff, the Petraeus scandal has to break and all of this has to happen within a 2 hour time frame that Obama gets re-elected for President. Check out a preview for next week below and let me know what you think about the episode in the comments or on Twitter.

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