The Perfect Autumn Playlist to Pair with Your Pumpkin Spice Latte

Let’s break out the leggings, boots and scarves, because fall is fast approaching. It’s everyone’s favorite season, even if they don’t know it. We’ve got the playlist to make your fall season even better. Classes have started and you get to see all your school friends who you neglected this summer (we’re all guilty of it, don’t worry), parties are in full swing on campus, and – of course – there’s also the whole studying and working aspect of fall.

Don’t fret, though, this playlist goes from cool, calm and collected to a full on party playlist. Start it off in the morning to head of to class, we added a few study songs in there, then we have your party tunes.

Now put on your headphones and enjoy this musical medley!

[Lead image via MJTH /Shutterstock]

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