The 7 Best Drug Store Buys for Beauty on a Budget!

When it comes to buying beauty products it is too often a decision between looking good or being broke, and no one wants to be all gussied up with a place to go, but no money to get there. So it’s always great to have a few essentials that can be picked up at your local drug store, i.e. Duane Reade, Walgreens or Rite Aid, that do the job like any of those pricey brands do.

Lets start with the face!

1. We all have blemishes we’d love to hide, birthmarks we’d like to lighten and spots that need a little touching up, the best product I’ve ever used as a concealer is “L’Oreal’s True Match Concealer”. At only $9.99 this one is a steal! It blends perfectly with your skin tone and texture because of the true match technology.

2. During the coming months we will all lose that summer glow that we crave all year round, we’ll don’t you worry I have found an amazing substitute! “E.L.F studios” has a tinted moisturizer for only $3.00 that honestly works wonders! Whether you are fair skinned or have darker skin there’s a color to match you. This tinted moisturizer is light, easy to apply, and it has SPF 20 in it. I say it’s a must have!

3. And finally we have your powder and your blush. For both powder and blush I again trust and love “L’Oreal’s True Match”, they aren’t cakey, or too thick so you never get that over done look. The blush goes for $10.99 and the powder for $14.99. They also have the translucent powder which is great for illuminating under your eyes or your “T” section.

Next we move on to the eyes!

1. A good eye shadow pallet is a girls best friend, I personally love “The Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Shadow and Liner”, they have a pallet for every eye color and with so many options you can use this pallet for everyday wear and for party make up, and it;s only $10.95!

2. The most important of all make up products in my opinion is mascara! I can not tell you have many times I’ve seen people with impeccable make up, but the clumpiest mascara in the world, and it just ruins the whole look. I’m going to be honest it’s been a long and hard road trying to find the perfect mascara but this summer my friend Chelsea introduced me to “Maybelline Illegal Length”, and I can honestly say my life has never been the same. For only $8.49 you can get what look like professionally done eye lash extensions. With super thin bristles, this mascara brush grabs on to ever individual eyelash and doubles it in length!

And now your lips!

1. You always want that perfect smile, and nothings worse than cracked lips, my solution to that is a lip scrub, now this isn’t really sold at drug stores but its an essential so as any college girl would do, I found a cheap way to make one! At any drug store pick up honey and some coarse brown sugar. Mix them together, half and half, and rub them on your lips, not too roughly but just enough to get all the dead skin cells off and rinse (or lick) that off and you’ll have the softest lips ever! This ones a DIY, but it’ll cost you about $5 rather than buying one for $15.

2. Finally we have our chapstick! EOS! EOS! EOS! Pick any flavor you want, because they are all awesome! and they are only $3.49. They last forever, and they are super cute little balls of chapstick!

These are just a few of the great things you’ll find in drug stores, trust me these places are like the holy grail of good, cheap make up! Try these things out and let me know how they worked out! And if you find any other great steals, share the knowledge!

[Lead image via Peter Bernik/Shutterstock]

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