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15 Pictures That Accurately Sum Up Your College Experience


College is a time of learning, enlightenment, enrichment and self discovery . . . sort of . . . it’s also the last time in your life where you can experiment, make mistakes and engage in reckless debauchery and still have your parents, future employers and society forgive you. Each college student has their own individual and unique struggle, yet there are some common denominators that everyone encounters whether at a state, community or private college, freshman or sophomore, at some point or another you’ve probably felt these feelz. Check out 15 photos that pretty accurately sum up the college experience at one point or another.

Emerald is an editor at CollegeCandy, lover of coffee, and pretend francophile. After studying writing and popular culture at NYU she decided to be a grownup and get a job. Tweet at ya' girl @EmeraldGritty.