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Thousands of University of Delaware Students Cause Riot To Film Party Video w/ I’m Schmacked


I’m Schmacked is a Youtube Channel that creates video montages of crazy college parties. They decided to film one at University of Delaware and shit got real on the streets of Newark—fast! There was a real honest to God riot with thousands of students and a ton of police.

A UD Junior, Jonathan Teed, told the UD Review, “What happened was, there were so many people. People were drunk. They had the courage to just go do whatever they wanted. They took to the streets, and basically a parade happened. They were jumping on cars, there was people walking through cops, holding up traffic, running on top of cars — probably the craziest experience I’ve ever seen.”

75 Newark police officers came to stop flaming cars, naked college students and just general debauchery.

According to Huff Po, “Responding officers observed over a thousand people in the area and a DJ that was set up in the backyard of the house. Multiple subjects were urinating in public and trespassing through other yards in the area. The residents of the house were arrested for hosting a disorderly premise.”

“It was the craziest party I’ve been to. We’ve had riots before, nothing that bad before, ever,” Toufania. I’ve never seen anything that extreme.”The I’m Schmacked founder Arya Toufania told the New York Daily News.

Here’s footage from the riot.

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