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14 Types of Girls You’ll Find Living in Your Dorm: Which One Are You?


I lived in the dorms for only one semester and I realized that I wasn’t fit for that lifestyle, but those five months living there were very entertaining ones. Living in a building where at any given time during the day there are at least 15 girls running rampant, you are bound to see some crazy things! I’m not going to lie, there were nights where my roommates and I became “those girls” who were too drunk to function or too dramatic to have a clue (it happens to the best of us), but looking back, I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything.

The times I would trade, however, are the nights when I had an exam at 8AM and the girls next door decided it was a good idea to throw a party on a Tuesday night, not caring or having any consideration for other living in the building… I digress. Anyways, here’s my list of the 14 girls you’ll find living in your dorm!

1. The High School Prom Queen- This is the girl who was super popular in her high school and figured her popularity would transfer over from her senior year… It usually doesn’t. College is so full of new and exciting people, if you think that who you were in high school is going to matter, you should get a clue, because more than likely people don’t care. Starting may be difficult, but if you’re as awesome as you think you are it shouldn’t be too hard, and if you’re not, this is the perfect time to grow and find out who you really are!

2. The Drunk- She’s wasted… like all the time! Birthdays, holidays, weekends, happy hour, Monday morning, she’s trashed. No one knows why but this girl is always wasted! She always knows where the party is and she is always in attendance. Now this girl is fun to hang out with one weekend when you really need to decompress but being her BFF probably isn’t the best idea. Being drunk usually leads to being hungover and being hungover usually means you’re skipping class, so that too many times and you fail. So you may not see this girls next semester, so enjoy her drunken antics while you can.

3. The Crier- Poor girl always has some drama that just brings her to tears. It’s quite sad actually, everyone tries to help and cheer her up, and it usually works for a while but the next weekend something else happens and shes back at it. For some reason, something that really confuses me, she’s always in the hallway. It’s like her room just can’t hold all of her emotions so she sits in the hallway, and cries for everyone to see.

4. The Girl in a Long Distance Relationship Either he goes to another school, or he’s back at home; regardless, this girl is always on the phone, and always leaving on weekends. She could be a great person but no one ever really gets the chance to hang out with her because she’s always harping over her boyfriend. Worst is when they are arguing because while she may be off the phone, all she is talking about is her boyfriend, it’s a lose/lose with this one.

5. The Virgin- Now this girl isn’t a virgin in the common sense of the term, I’m talking never been kissed, never even talked to a guy romantically! She’s super sweet and really nice, and also really innocent. Everyone is fascinated by this girl, she gets bombarded with questions, and is almost like the 8th wonder of the world. This may only be a freshman year sighting, because more than likely by sophomore year she’s at least been kissed!

6. The Foreigner- This is the international student. She may or may not speak English but either way everyone knows her name, and everyone says hi to her when they see her in the halls. Foreigners are cool, and they always have interesting stories!

7. The Bitch- This girls is obnoxious to the max! She just does bitchy things, she’ll leave the bathroom a mess and not even attempt to clean it up, she talks trash behind everyone’s back, and she likes to stir the drama pot. She’s easy to spot because she’s involved in every dorm argument that happens. Eventually she’ll get whats coming to her, but my advice steer clear — there’s no point in letting her ruin your day!

8. The Crasher- This girls technically doesn’t live in the dorms but she’s there all the time. Weekdays and weekends she’s always present. She’s usually a commuter and it’s just a hassle for her to drive back for her 8AM class, so people just let her crash. She’s always nice because she’s always in guest mode, so she cleans, cooks and does nice things for whoever lets her crash!

9. The Loner- She never hangs out with anyone… after many failed attempts people just sort of give up trying.

10. The Guys’ Girl- Every guy is her friend, and she is sometimes hated for it. In my opinion, it’s awesome! If you’re shy around guys hang with her and she’ll introduce you to everyone! She gets a lot of slack from other girls who think she’s flirty and hogging all the guys, but they’re just jealous so who cares.

11. The BFF- You guys do laundry together, watch your shows together and study together. She’s the friend that’s always over, and is always there. BFF’s are essential in dorms! When your having a bad day or a great one they are there to talk you through! Find this one early on, she’s a keeper!

12. The Involved Girl- She’s always got an event to go to, or some seminar to participate in, and you wonder where the heck she hears about all these things. This girl is everywhere are campus and literally in every club! Everyone knows her, and she’s the go to girl for info on campus events.

13. The Stage 5 Clinger- She hooked up with a guy the first night of school and its the end of the semester and she’s still crying about how he never called her back. She stalks this guy on social media, and she acts like there where in an involved love affair, when in reality they just hooked up in some back room and a welcome party.

14. The Bathroom Hog- She hogs the bathroom… ’nuff said. She’s just hated by everyone, who has a class at the same time as her because they will forever be late unless they get to the bathroom before her, but since she’s always in there, that never happens.

So there’s my list! Which number are you and your friends?

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