Mumford and Sons Got Kicked Out of a Strip Club Last Night, and It’s Not For What You’d Think

Get the folk out! Folk-rock band, Mumford and Sons were kicked out of an Atlanta strip club last night! What could Marcus and his band of pantaloon-wearing bandmates have possible done to get kicked out of a titty bar? Were they touching the dancers in an inappropriate way? Were they groping and grabbing and using foul language? Were they just too damn drunk? Would you believe me if I told you that it’s none of the above?!

Apparently they were misbehaving but not for what you think!

Marcus Mumford, Ted Dwayne, Winston Marshall, and Ben Lovett were kicked out of an Atlanta strip club by the name of Clermont Lounge because they were filming.

Allegedly, the Mumfs refused to stop filming drummer Lovett on their phones as he took to the stage to perform karaoke. The DJ reportedly had to lower the music several times to ask the boys to put their phones away, which annoyed Lovett, who is said to have accused the DJ of ruining his karaoke moment.

Mumford & Sons’ representative declined to comment.

Check out of gallery below of other celebs who have gotten the boot!

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Watch This Video When You Feel Discouraged
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