Breaking Bad is Almost Over, and I Want to Cry Forever

I started watching Breaking Bad about a year ago. All I ever read about on Twitter was Breaking Bad this and Breaking Bad that. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about! Thankfully, Netflix had every episode up to the new season! Yay! So off I went, onto my Breaking Bad journey. [Caution: if you have never watched the show, I am about to drop some spoilers on you.] I watched Walter White do his first meth cook with Jesse Pinkman. I watched Gus Fringe create more tension than I thought was possible through a television set. I watched Skyler have an affair and then totally hold her own against Walter. I watched Jesse act adorable with little kids, and I watched Saul Goodman help drug dealers get out of more legal crap than I could imagine.

I watched and watched and watched, and I was hooked!

Breaking Bad is one of those shows that not only has amazing writing, but amazing acting, music, cinematography, etc. It’s just an all around great show. Any BB fan will tell you the exact same thing. Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman, has been very active on Twitter. He keeps fans in the know with what’s going on the Breaking Bad world, and yesterday, he posted this goofy, but possibly spoilerish photo on his Instagram.  What does it all mean?! I cannot wait for this season to wrap up so I can finally see what happens to Walter and Jesse and the rest of the cast, but I am also going to be curled up in the fetal position, crying and yelping about one of my favorite TV shows ever being over.

Why do you guys love the show so much? Are they the same as mine? Check out the gallery eblow to see why I adore Breaking Bad so much!

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