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The Hilarious Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” Memes Keep On Coming


By now, I’m sure you’ve all see Miley Cyrus’ new video for her latest single, “Wrecking Ball.” In the video, Cyrus licks some sledgehammers. She breaks some cement blocks with said hammers. Then she strips down to just her bare ass and rides on a wrecking ball. It’s kind of one of those, “What in the hell is going on?” It’s just a whole mess of weird.

And because weird things cannot be forgotten on the Internet, people took to making memes. Some of the memes were harmless and silly. Some of the memes were hilarious. Some of them were Vines of people imitating Miley. Some of them are extremely sick and disturbing, like the ones of a naked Miley riding a giraffe and the Eiffel Tower. And even a dolphin:

It’s all just so outrageous, you can’t help but laugh!

Check out the rest of the ridiculous memes over at Daily Mail.

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