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5 Personal Challenges That Will Make Your Life Better


School has been in session for a few weeks and I don’t know about you, but I am already starting to feel out of whack. Every once in a while I reach the point where I feel like I need to “get my life.” Within the last year I’ve done a lot of soul searching (for the lack of a less corny phrase) and, whenever I get in this funk, I know exactly how to revive my spirits. We never quite realize how changing a few habits could change our perspectives, drastically.

Limit Unnecessary Social Media Presence

We are the children of the social media era, and we have Tom of MySpace to thank for that. There is always some surge of popularity that keeps us glued to our computers and phones feeling as though we need to be connected to everyone at every second of the day. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now Vine have feeds that get refreshed frequently. Sometimes I think we forget that we can turn them off. When things get to be too much, take a quick hiatus from social media. Consuming yourself with a million people and their thoughts can make it hard to sort out your own.


As college students the number of interchangeable hats we juggle are infinite: student, intern, friend. Without proper preparation, it can be easy to feel like you’re sinking. The hardest thing to remember is that we cannot control all aspects of our lives.  Take the time to de-stress. Create a schedule to make sure that your assignments don’t get out of hand. Verbalize your feelings when it comes to people that matter to you. Be sure not to let other people’s problems become your own. Just make sure that you are coping with stress in a healthy way. Drinking your feelings away does nothing but add calories to your life!

Look Good, Feel Good 

When you’re feeling like crap, chances are you look like it too. Hop in the shower, spray your favorite fragrance and do something new with your hair. Do-It-Yourself remedies are fun to try. Do your research and find a facial mask that sounds delicious.  I promise you’ll feel ten times better. Before you leave your room, put a little more effort into your outfit. When you look good people gravitate toward you.

Don’t Be A Gossip Girl 

Words have the potential to be beautiful or poisonous. Gossip sends unnecessary negative energy to you and the person you’re talking about. People will also be less likely to confide in you when they need someone to talk to. Instead of being the person who is known for spreading business, you could try to leave others better than you met them. Speak positivity into their lives, and maybe they’ll speak it into yours.

Let Go of the Toxic Relationships

Evaluate the people in your life. If they aren’t adding to it, they are taking away from it. Let it go. This doesn’t mean burning all your bridges but some people are toxic to your soul. Relationships with people aren’t supposed to be too complicated. If you find yourself feeling drained after each encounter, it may be a good idea to cut them loose. Once you realize who energizes you, cultivate those relationships.

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