Recap: The Newsroom Season 2, Episode 9 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

In the midst of scheduling disputes with Aaron Sorkin over whether or not he can even write the third season of The Newsroom, the second season over at ACN ended neatly wrapped up in a bow with everyone getting pretty much the happy ending they wanted. I can’t say it was satisfying, but it was a fun conclusion.

In Which Stoned Jane Fonda Is The Best Jane Fonda

I really am totally enamored with Jane Fonda on this show. She absolutely SLAYS every scene that she’s in as Leona Lansing, and I simply can’t get enough of her. The fact that she’s just stoned all the time is the best, also. It’s kind of sad thinking that Aaron Sorkin really can’t get it together and find a way to make the courtroom sequences for next season just be focused on Leona. That would be the best, right?

In Which Don & Sloane Finally Get It Going

It only took 9 episodes, a weird silent auction and a reference to an old black and white movie (which is kind of ridiculous), but Sloane finally made out with Don. They’re a good couple. They’ll be even better when Don starts throwing around that counter suit against Jerry Dantana. They’re gonna be a good looking couple, you know? UGH. AARON SORKIN GET IT TOGETHER.

In Which Will & Mac Get Married

That was the most anti-climatic marriage proposal ever. Like, we get it, Will: you’re damaged and Mac is your main bitch, but that doesn’t mean you should marry the girl. I don’t know. It just rubbed me off as rushed and the quickest way to tie a loose end before ending the season. Will and Mac were always meant to get together, sure. But if you’re just throwing them together now before they get obviously divorced, that seems like a big waste of time for the two leads. Whatever. It just pisses me off and writing about it makes me even more upset.

In Which Jim Finally Becomes A Good Guy

Instead of being his usual disheveled douchebag-self, Jim kind of got it together for the finale and not only kept his current relationship going, but patched things up between Maggie and her roommate and pretty much is the good guy again. Hopefully he remains this boring and they just keep him on the sidelines for the third season while we let Don and Sloane flourish across all our screens.

The Newsroom was a decent watch this season for only 9 episodes, and I’ll definitely come back for more next season if the last few episodes are any indication of the potential that this show can have. I love the process of journalism, seeing how news is made, and I’m the biggest sucker for some melodrama. I should be returning for The Vampire Diaries next month, but in the meantime, I’ll be finishing Breaking Bad and maybe finally watching Friday Night Lights so Alex and Emerald can stop making fun of me.

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