Back to School Boot Camp: Core Challenge [CC’s ShapeU]

It’s that time again: in addition to today, Tuesday, signifying that we’re a day closer to the weekend – thank God – it’s also the third installment of ShapeU’s Back-to-School Boot Camp! This week’s toning session focuses on the core and gives our midsections some TLC!

Check out the video and look for a breakdown of the moves here:


These five moves are awesome for getting an overall workout that targets each muscle that make up our core!

Crunches These may be the most basic form of core work, so they’re an oldie but a goodie. Don’t underestimate them, starting off with the basic crunch will help warm up your core and target the main portion of your abdominals, while trying the challenge will push for that even more!

Tailbone Lifts These target the lower portion of your abdominals, and by lifting your shoulders for the challenge, you also work the rest of the core.

Side-to-Side Shifts These target the upper part of your core and the obliques. With your shoulders off the floor, you make it harder for the top portion of your abdominals, and the side-to-side motion works on your obliques, or the side of your core.

Oblique Side Crunches These also work the obliques, but they focus on them solely and work the areas most of us ladies are concerned about: the love handles. Give them some love and melt them away with these easy moves, and push yourself by trying the challenge.

Birdies These work the abdominals, with the upper body and lower body working together to give an all-around core challenge.

Be sure to pay attention to the number of repetitions for each exercise that give you one full set, they vary for some of the moves depending on the type of move and the muscle being worked! For a longer, more challenging workout, try two sets. These moves can easily be incorporated into an existing toning routine, or even before bed! You can also include these core moves on days when you focus on cardio training!

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Back to School Boot Camp: 5-Minute Cardio Intervals [CC’s ShapeU]
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