What It’s Like When Your Favorite TV Show Comes Back After Summer Hiatus

Everyone who knows me understands that when it comes to TV time, I don’t play. I don’t accept phone calls or texts, I don’t want to hear about your day; I just want to watch TV. Now that its mid-September, summer shows are coming to an end and fall shows are starting to premiere, it’s TV crunch time. TiVo’s are set, couch cushions are fluffed, and it’s go time.

Everyone gets excited leading up to show time. I’ve complied a little timeline of what life is like on the day your big show is ending or premiering, all told with GIFs.

You wake up in the morning and realize it’s only 8 more hours until your favorite show:

You get home and see someone sitting on the couch only 30 mins before it’s show time, so you politely ask them to scram:

You gather a plethora of snacks and drinks to ensure you won’t have to move during show time:

You’re seated and ready to go five minutes early because you don’t want to miss anything:

The show begins:

Commercial break comes and you run to the bathroom before the shows back on:

Someone asks you a question during a really important scene:

That one really emotional scene:

The cliffhanger in the final five minutes:

Seeing the clips for next week:


[Lead image via ollyy Shutterstock]

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