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A Late Period Might Not Be the End of the World!


I don’t care if you’re a virgin, or if you’ve gotten around the block a couple of times; pregnancy scares literally happen to everyone! It is probably the most frightening thing in the entire world, but also one of the funniest because it seems that every time you have a missed period it’s after some awkward encounter with a guy at the bar that you would NEVER want to have a child with.

Nevertheless, things usually turn out fine and you go about your business as though nothing happened. Thing is, you should probably investigate why your period was late in the first place, it could be just coincidence, or it could be something more. Over at The Frisky, they’ve made a list of things that could cause a late period. Check it out, so that the next time your late you freak out a little less!

[Lead image via Djomas/Shutterstock]

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