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6 Ways You Know It’s Over


Relationships are hard when we’re young — we fight hard for what we love, and we sometimes hold on when we should really be letting go. Its understandable, you’re in love and you think you can fix whatever is wrong, but sometimes things are not fixable and it’s best to move on. While it can be difficult to decipher between a rough patch and the actual end, I’ve got a few tell tale signs to tell you that it’s actually over.

1. You don’t talk anymore.

I don’t mean you guys have gone absolutely cold, but the conversations don’t flow the same way they used to. When it gets to the point when conversations are forced, things probably aren’t working out anymore.

2. Hanging out has become a chore.

When seeing your significant other has become a task you have to check off of your to-do list, rather than something you can’t wait to do, there is trouble in paradise. When relationships work, hanging out and spending time together is probably everyone’s favorite thing to do. Once that changes, some other things may have to change too… like your relationship status.

3. You don’t want to have sex anymore.

As I have said many times before, these years are our sexual years! Our libidos have never been this active and it is unfathomable to think that you are in a relationship and not having sex (unless it’s by choice of course, if that’s the case than more power to you!). Once you’ve reached this point, there is no return. We’re too young for sex therapists, just move on and find someone new.

4. You fight over everything.

When the way someone breathes causes you to flip out, or the way they say hello irks you to your core, there’s a problem. You probably yell at each other for the stupidest things and you probably know its stupid but you just can’t stop yourself. This is making both of you miserable and it’s time to face the facts.

5. You’re planning your future and they aren’t in it.

You’ve started applying to grad school, or looking for a new job in a new city and when you are making these plans they are only for a group of one. Once your significant other isn’t involved in your plans for the future so there is no longer a future for the two of you. I’m not saying you can’t do things alone, but if it wasn’t even a passing thought to include them, things probably aren’t right.

6. Finally, the trust is gone.

If something happened that made you totally lose faith in your partner, there is very little chance of coming back. Once trust has been broken it is very hard to get back. Being in a relationship with someone who you don’t trust is emotional torture, everything they say or do is left to scrutiny. It’s pointless to be constantly worried and concerned, it’s better to move on and find someone you trust.

As hard as it can be, calling a quits is sometimes the best move for both involved. Are you going through this? Any words of wisdom for someone going through a similar situation?

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