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Test Driving Too Faced’s Tinted Beauty Balm [In Our Makeup Bag]


What It Is:

Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm in Cream Glow*

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

In the past year, BB creams (or beauty balms) have popped up everywhere! They originated in Asia and were used to lighten skin and imperfections. In North America, most BB creams are tinted moisturizers with some added benefits. Too Faced makes 5 claims with theirs:

1. Light-diffusing pigments tint and add radiance (available in 6 shades).
2. Anti-aging, multi-mineral complex primes & prevents damage.
3. Moisturizes with oil-free hydration.
4. Hypo-allergenic and soothing for all skin types.
5. Broad-spectrum, chemical-free SPF 20.

I don’t think I’ll be able to assess most of these claims as I’m not going to be testing this products for months on end. I will let you know my thoughts on it as a base product. Let’s see how it performed!
How To Use It:

I prefer to apply BB creams with my fingers – I find they blend better that way. If you want, you can top it off with a translucent powder to set it.

CC Rating: B

The Too Faced Beauty Balm is amongst the nicer ones out there. It’s thicker than a tinted moisturizer and offers the benefit of “radiance” – tiny light-reflecting particles that really add a glow to the skin. It’s very moisturizing and I liked the added benefit of SPF 20. I’ve enjoyed using it in combo with other base products, but I will outline some of the drawbacks.

My first concern is the shade range. I tried out Cream Glow (light to medium), which is the 3rd of 5 shades. I initially thought it would be WAY too dark for my skin (I’m usually shade 1 or 2 in a range), but it blends out so much that Cream Glow was fine. I’d be interested to try out some of the lighter shades and see how they look. Regardless, I’m anticipating women with darker skin won’t be able to use this product.

Unfortunately, this product also offers almost nothing in terms of coverage. It’s very sheer and as you can see in the photos, didn’t help much with the blemish on my cheek. In my opinion, $34 for 1.5oz is a bit pricey for a base product that requires concealer and powder to really get rid of imperfections. However, if you have good skin the Too Faced Beauty Balm in Cream Glow may be just what you’re looking for!

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